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Rihanna And Jim Parsons Play "Never Have I Ever"

The stars of Dreamworks' new animated film Home get real about aliens, dance parties, and imaginary childhood friends.

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Although you'd never expect music goddess Rihanna and the loveably nerdy Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons to star in a movie together, the two have teamed up in the heartwarming and whimsical animated film, Home. A story about an alien and a human girl on a search to find her family, the film reminds us all that your home is more than just a house.

We sat down with the stars to chat about the adorable new film, and played a little round of Home-themed "Never Have I Ever." Here's what went down.

Never have I ever been on a road trip.

Rihanna: Tour, the entire America! Anytime we go to Vegas we love to drive. Even to Santa Barbara, Napa. It could be a car, it could be a trailer, it could be a tour bus. The tour bus is the best!

Jim Parsons: You love it!

R: I love it. Better than the plane!

JP: You like it better than the plane?

R: Way better!

JP: Why?

R: Because you don’t have to do anything but lay there. You lay there for hours. You can do whatever you want for hours. You could watch TV, you could cook a little bit — microwaveable — and then you can sleep, watch TV again, you know. The sleeping is way better, you just get rocked to sleep.

JP: Aw, like a baby! Um, I took a road trip from Houston, Texas, to San Diego, California, when I went to grad school, and I just drove there.

Never have I ever had a cat as a pet.

JP: I’m allergic.

R: I’ll just block this off, because I’m not offended by the idea. My mom is more offended by the idea. I used to save these kittens — we had stray kittens in the street but they weren’t really stray, they belonged to a home they were just never at that home. So they were just like community cats kind of, and they would go in the gutters to have their babies and I would hear them crying, go rescue them, give them a little shower with my hair conditioner, keep ‘em in a bucket, feed them.

JP: Why your hair conditioner?

R: Because I felt like they needed to be clean. There was like moss and ringworms and you gotta [clean them]. It wouldn’t last more than a night because I’d do it in the night and my mom would kick them out in the morning. She didn’t like cats. I love them! And I would go rescue one every time a mother gave birth.

So that’s kind of in the middle?

R: Yes! (twirls sign)

Never have I ever believed in aliens.

JP: Now I feel like I should cover the “duh."

R: “Ish.”

JP: It’s a loose “yeah.” My thing I keep saying is I feel like the universe is so big it’d be foolish to pull out the “no” for it, you know?

R: How do you say maybe? (twirls sign) That’s my answer.

Never have I ever had a dance party in my car.

R: ALL the time!

JP: Not all the time for me, but I have.

R: All the time! I mean, right now I really love “Jealous” by Nick Jonas and any time that comes on — anywhere, not just the car, but definitely in the car — my assistant and I, we go crazy. I have several videos on my phone that I’ve never released. Having dance parties in our car, don’t be jealous!

JP: I’m not! I think that’s really nice. It’s hard to say what’s gonna set me and my people off. Not as much anymore, but when I was younger. It’s true, you know, I’ve grown out of dancing in my car— is it sad? Or I’ve just become a better driver!

R: No, you dance in your car!

JP: I do! (dances)

R: It might not be a full on “the robot.”

JP: You’re right, you’re right. That would be dangerous!

R: You know, you give a little bit of this (dances). You don’t do that?

JP: Sure. I’m going to start doing more of it now. I don’t do any of that.

R: Untz, untz, untz. Like this, at traffic like, (dances).

JP: I’ll do it

R: Do it now!

JP: You like that? (laughs)

Never have I ever had an imaginary childhood friend.

R: Oh my god, do I have to admit this?! I didn’t have an imaginary childhood friend, but I did one day imagine somehow tiny green men, and they were only tiny and green because my brother had a ton of toy soldier toys that came on a skateboard plank type of thing, and I just envisioned in this car driving to church with my mom, they were there. And I was talking to them telling them, “OK, I’m gonna be right back! Bye!” And then I opened the door to jump out the car, moving on the highway.

JP: In real life?!

R: Honest to god! And my mother, she reached back through the front seat and slammed the door shut. But the wind that came in freaked me out! You learn a lot as a kid, like you don’t know anything. I didn’t know what was gonna happen if I opened the door. I thought I was gonna be in another world somehow.

Like Narnia?

R: Yes, exactly like that!

JP: How old were you?

R: I was like, 4.

JP: I mean honest to god, we’re lucky she’s here.

None for you, Jim?

JP: No, no. Thank god!

R: Not safe to have an imaginary friend.

Never have I ever snuck out of my house at night.

JP: I mean, you had to. At certain points you had to.

R: I don’t feel like I had to.

JP: OK, I had to.

R: Actually, I’m lying, I’m lying, oh my goodness! One time I did. I went to this school pageant, which my mom was fine with. I went with some girlfriends and my brother, and when we were leaving to go back home — you know, some of the older kids wanted to go to the club like a party — and I figure I’m gonna go with them! But I’m gonna send my brother home because I don’t want my brother to tell where I’m going — this is so stupid. He went home and it’s obviously like, “Where are the rest of them?” You know, and we’re in the club. My aunt and my mom, they marched down to that club and they DRAGGED us out. I was just 14. No, I’m lying, I was younger. At 14 I was allowed to go because I had older girlfriends. At the time, all my friends were boys. So it was like, not gonna work.

JP: Bad news.

R: But I was a tomboy too. But when Melissa— my best friend — when I found her it was like, “YES, you can go wherever you want!” She was responsible and loved my mom.

Jim, was yours successful, did you caught?

JP: No, I didn’t run into much trouble with that. But it’s funny, I was thinking you always wanna do adult things that you’re not quite supposed to be able to do yet, so that's way I said you “have” to. Which I guess you don’t have to! This is not a bad message for children. I just, I don’t know. I don’t regret any of those times.

Never have I ever wanted to be an astronaut.

JP: No, but I have much adoration for it.

R: No, I wanted to go to space though. Or wondered what it would be like. I still wonder actually.

Would you ever go on the Mars trip?

JP: No.

R: I mean, after the first five years of like failures, yes. After those trials. I need trial and errors first!

Never have I ever been on spring break.

JP: Oh yeah.

R: Hell yeah! We went to spring break and I broke my toe the first night I got there. I wasn’t doing anything crazy, just walking, and there happened to be like a 100-pound solid mahogany wooden chair right there in the way of my toe. We went to Mexico.

JP: How old were you?

R: I was just 19. My first vacation.

JP: Was it before or after we heard you sing, “Umbrella, ella, ella?”

R: It was right after! (laughs) Yeah, 'cause we met right after “Umbrella” came out so it was right after.

JP: Stars, they’re just like us! They break their toe in Mexico! When I was young, we would stay in town and just hang out. We stayed in the neighborhood and did stuff.

R: You made your own spring break!

JP: Without a doubt.

Never have I ever gotten a speeding ticket.

JP: Yes.

R: Still waiting on my license, so, no.

JP: What’s that about?

R: It’s about my schedule! Speak to them.

JP: Oh now!

R: No, but they all want me to get it too.

JP: Why? Where do they want you to drive so badly?

R: I want to drive! I love to drive! I drive at home in Barbados.

JP: 'Cause you’re allowed to?

R: Yes, it’s on the whole other side of the street so I have to learn.

JP: How different is it?

R: Complete opposite side of the street, different road rules. The car is different as well. Which is fine! I just haven’t gotten around to it. You?

JP: Yes! I’ve had a speeding ticket. Not in many, many years. But when I was young. What?! It wasn’t like I was that bad! But you know, I just didn’t care. Well, that’s not true. I just had tickets (laughs).

Watch Rihanna and Parsons dish about their dance parties and show off their stellar moves in the clip below:

You can see Home in theaters everywhere today.