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17 Of The Most Ridiculous Texts People Have Gotten From Their Exes

New phone, who dis?

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the most ridiculous texts they’ve ever received from an ex. Here are the hilariously insane responses.

1. This interesting comparison:


"About two weeks after my ex and I broke up he sent me this text. He was eight years older than me in age, but clearly not [mature]. I’m still trying to figure out what he meant." - Submitted by laurenh95

2. The ex who is using their stocks as revenge:


"Got this after six years of radio silence. Don't ask, I'm as confused as you are." - Submitted by Akshara Walia, Facebook

4. This text straight out of a horror movie:


"More than a month after we broke up, I was visiting my hometown where he lived. Didn’t talk between the breakup and that text, haven’t talked since." - Submitted by tsarfleet

6. This ex who knows just what to say to make your heart go a-flutter:


"It was a gag gift. It was a super small bikini brief with the words 'balls of steel' on the elastic...I hadn't spoken to him in four years and he messaged me and asked if I wanted a photo for proof. Obviously he was blocked." - Submitted by Momo Napoles, Facebook

7. The ex that is clearly a gentleman:


"When you’ve been broken up for four years and the first thing he does when he gets out of jail is ask for nudes. P.O.S." - Submitted by lolsarah

9. This person who can't make up their mind part 2.


"He's now been deleted and blocked, but he sent me this text a week after I dumped him." - Submitted by David Spears, Facebook

10. Annddd this person who can't make up their mind part 3:


"One hour after I said I didn't want to pursue a relationship with a man I had known for three weeks, he texted me, 'Why do you have to be so difficult? Can't you see that I'm in love with you, I'm laying my heart on the line and you're completely rejecting me. Why would you choose to be single over being happy with me?' Then he did a complete 180 and started calling me every derogatory name in the book. I calmly asked him to leave me alone. The next day I get something along the lines of, 'I'm so over it, we can just be fuck buddies.'" - Submitted by Aubrey Baker, Facebook

11. This person giving an award that was never asked for:


"Old Tinder date that ghosted me snapchatted me to ask how it’s going. I asked if he was being platonic, and he said yes. I asked how his girlfriend is, and he said great. We chatted a little longer and he asked me to go out for a drink. He elaborated with 'I just want you to know you have always held a special trophy in my heart.' I ask 'what trophy?' He says 'best fellatio.' - Submitted by stephanieg42b687631

12. This misguided...compliment (????):


"Since I speak French, he texted me that the terrorist attacks in Paris reminded him of me. I'm flattered." - Submitted by Tara Curry, Facebook

13. This shocking "FYI":


"After 14 years of on/off dating, with him cheating multiple times, a couple of broken engagements, and months of silence from me, my ex sent me this message. I never laughed so hard and felt so bad for another human simultaneously." - Submitted by Blueyedcole

14. This very necessary notification:


"We had been broken up for five years, and then I randomly received this text from an ex. Um, I was married and had a one year old son. And my ex and I hadn’t spoken since our break up. Move on, buddy! I didn’t even have his info in my phone. I had to ask who it was when I received the text." - Submitted by denisem42dc5c3c9

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