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17 Words That Mean Something Completely Different To "Pretty Little Liars" Fans

A red coat is not just a garment to keep you warm in winter. Warning: spoilers ahead.

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1. "Red coat"

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What it usually means: An outer piece of clothing that's red.

What it means to PLL fans: We thought it was the leader of the "A" team. Then it was maybe Allison. And then it was Cece Drake. Bottom line: It's always a sketchy blonde.


4. "Hoodie"


What it usually means: A type of sweater that keeps you warm.

What it means to PLL fans: The symbol of fear, manipulation, lies, questions, schemes, anonymity, and pretty much anything else bad that you can think of.


10. "NYC"


What it usually means: The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, etc etc.

What it means to PLL fans: The City In Which Shana Was Revealed As "A" And Ezra Got Shot And Aria Killed Shana But Then "A" Was A Different Person And OMG How Do We Keep Up With This Show.