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21 "Pretty Little Liars" Cast Superlatives With Ian Harding

The man behind Ezra Fitz spills the cast's pretty little secrets.

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We've been counting down the days, minutes, and hours until PLL finally ends our agony and sheds some light on one of life's greatest mysteries: revealing who the hell "A" actually is.

Ahead of tomorrow night's "Big 'A' Reveal" season finale, Ian Harding stopped by BuzzFeed New York to dish out superlatives for your favorite PLL stars. Read on to find out which of the Liars Ian thinks could be "A," which cast member can't stop texting, and even more on-set secrets!

Who is the biggest jokester?

Ian Harding: No, maybe. First choice. Second choice, followed quickly by this one.


She's pretty nuts. She's just kind of always a lovely, beautiful nightmare on set. Not like an actual nightmare — she's great. But she just makes it very hard to work with all of her funniness.

Has she done any major pranks?

IH: Just general all the time stuff. She hasn't done like "George Clooney taking in Matt Damon's pants" — she hasn't done any of that. Not yet. I wanna do that to her but I feel like I'd get run over by her Range Rover.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

IH: Probably one of the guys, 'cause the girls have mastered it. I don't take that long — I'll just throw them under the bus. Because the girls have just mastered the art of Clothes off. Next scene. Go! So, not any of them.

Who is mostly likely to be on their phone texting?


IH: Lucy is on her phone quite a bit, but that's because she's doing actual work at the same time that she's at work. She'll be, like, emailing agents, and then, like, emailing her music folks. I'm the one that's like, Angry Birds!

Who is most likely to be caught singing on set?

IH: Tyler sings quite a bit. But then, Lucy does too. He does the most, but she kinda does some. Not a ton.

Do any group karaoke nights ever happen?

IH: No, no. We all have dignity. No, I'm kidding. Under the bus goes the karaoke people. (laughs) No listen, that's totally great. What happens is, if iPhones get snuck in, we stop working. Whereas you all get to have fun with your iPhones.

Who is most likely to brighten your day?

IH: Hmm. I've worked the most frequently recently with these two. They definitely brighten my day quite a bit. Mainly beacuse Shay is so easy to make fun of, and she laughs a lot. I could say the most horrible thing to her and she laughs. So, that's pretty great.

She does post a lot of inspirational quotes.

IH: She does. I wanna post, like, counter-inspirational ones. Like, you know — "Reach for the stars, but you'll never make them" or something like that. (laughs)

Who is mostly likely to show you pictures of their dog?


IH: Oh, well. That's me! I do that to people all the time. Actually, Troian just got a new dog like six months ago. Oh wait, no, Shay did too! Shay got Angel — I've yet to meet both of them. But they have some new pups. Oh wait, no, Ashley too! Ashley got Walter. Walter is that little thing that looks fake. I met him and he's like the size of this photo. He's tiny.

Who is most likely to be found eating all day?

IH: Everything. You eat healthy all day, you keep your energy up, because you know if we have sugar and crap you're just going to dip and then you have another five hours of filming. But I've discovered [this]: chocolate-covered espresso beans and honey-sesame cashews from Trader Joes— combine them — the best thing in the world. The best thing IN the world.

Who is most likely to accidentally spill who "A" is?


IH: I think, nobody here. Really. I think everybody is pretty tight-lipped. Truly nobody.

Who is most likely to accidentally show up late to set?

IH: This is getting into some dangerous questions. I'll say me. I'll throw myself under this bus. Late.

Who is most likely to start DJing at a PLL wrap party?

IH: I think Troian has really great taste in music. I don't know if she'd DJ, but she would come up with some fat tunes. None of that, like, pop-y nonsense.

Who is most likely to nail every single take?


IH: Oh. Yeah. Absolutely. She's real good. She'll like, consistently cry on cue and then come back and be like, "Yeah, so I was watching the Lakers the other day..." and I'm like, Oh my god. It's unbelievable. She's the closest to Streep that we'll get.

Who is most likely to hang out off set?

IH: I hang out with this douche a lot. Not really, but, this guy. I think I do quite a bit. He and I see each other off set like a couple times a month 'cause he lives near my house. He motorcycles up.

Who is most likely to fall for a prank?

IH: Who's the dumbest person on set? (laughs) No, the most trusting I would say. Hmm. I've lied to Sasha a few times and she believed it. But then she'll turn around and be the most, like, savvy and worldly person. I think it's just 'cause she trusts me, that's why.

Which girl is most likely to be caught taking a selfie?

IH: Hmm. Maybe here? Somewhere in this section, maybe?

Out of the five girls, who do you think is most likely to be "A"?

IH: They're all staring back at me wickedly. I think it could be this biotch. Because, I mean, she came from Iceland or wherever the hell she was right before Season 1, and all this stuff starts happening, throws me into the mix.

Do you guys get a lot of tweets about the Aria conspiracy theory of her being "A"?

IH: No! Is that a thing? I mean, we probably do. I'll look at my mentions and they're like, "Do you like sandwiches?" "Yes!" — send. Yeah, I think that's awesome. It makes sense! Because she showed up and all this started happening. And she probably learned some weird stuff in Iceland or wherever they were.

Who’s most likely to move to Rosewood IRL?

IH: In real life? Rosewood sounds horrible! Why would anybody move there? It's like a WASP-y mecca with, like, murderers that text children. Why would you wanna move there?

Under the bus Tyler goes. He would love it. Just like, watering his lawn all day. Taking care of his kids in a minivan. All of that.

Which guy is most likely to be walking around set shirtless?

IH: Nobody, because nobody is a douche on set. (laughs) I mean, out of the three of us, who looks BEST shirtless? It's a toss up between Tyler and Keegan. Because, you know, neither of them really have to try to be super svelte.

We had that horrific santa thing. Cool, I'm, like, a grown man around high schoolers! That makes sense! But, I had to like cut out everything. I had a two-week notice, otherwise I won't do it. Just because I have to do what I do, and it works. And I was sitting there having like my eighth piece of celery, and a protein shake, and that was it. And Keegan walks in with a piece of pizza like, "Oh, are we going?" And I have to get my abs highlighted because I don't have any (laughs).

Who is most likely to photobomb a pic?

IH: Troian. Troian's really good at doing it, and looking evil when she does.

Who is most likely to be reading a book in between takes?

IH: A lot of people do. I read a bit, Troian does too. Troian and Sasha are definitely the bookiest wormish. Troian is definitely the most intelligent person on set, hands down. We all look like half-wits in comparison to her.

Who is most likely to be found at the gym?

IH: I play soccer now. I like the gym and I have a trainer who's awesome, but it's just, like, boring to go there over and over again, so I found other stuff. I think pretty much everybody — Troian does this ribbon thing using, like, full upper-body strength, so she wins for that, because that's the coolest. I'm like, I kick a ball around! (laughs)

Watch the Pretty Little Liars #BigAReveal spring finale Tuesday, March 24 at 8/7c on ABC Family.



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