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    One Direction's New Music Video For "Perfect" Is Actually Perfection

    It's basically Harry Styles' Instagram come to life.

    One Direction just made everyone's Tuesday night hella more exciting by surprise-dropping the music video for their latest single "Perfect" off of their upcoming fifth album Made In The A.M.

    In typical Harry-Styles-Instagram form, the entire video is shot in black and white as the four guys run around causing slight chaos at a NYC hotel.

    It features Niall Horan playing guitar and doing his best hallway dance moves.

    A glimpse of Liam Payne acting as his music alter ego DJ Payno.

    Harry Styles seductively roaming down a hall and doing his best to not make his bed.

    And Louis Tomlinson showing off some ace soccer (sorry, "futbol") skills.

    But most importantly, it has the guys dancing around on a NYC rooftop amidst the bright lights like every big city dream you've ever had.

    It's truly beautiful. Watch it all go down in the video below: