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19 Perfect Gifts Every One Direction Fan Needs In Their Life

Do you have a borderline unhealthy obsession with 1D? These gifts are for you.

1. An embroidered pillow with Harry Styles' tweet.

2. One Direction nail art decals.

3. A customized print from your favorite 1D dude.

4. Stickers of your favorite One Direction tweets.

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5. A 0/5 followers tee.

6. A desktop cutout of your favorite member of One Direction.

7. A 1DAF sweatshirt.

8. A pack of illustrated Harry Styles stickers.

9. Replica One Direction temporary tattoos.

10. A pair of earrings featuring your favorite guy.

11. A "Little Things" mug.

12. A custom illustrated greeting card featuring your favorite 1D dude.

13. A sweatshirt featuring Zayn's tattoos.

14. A custom One Direction concert gift certificate.

15. A you + Niall pillowcase.

16. A mug featuring a stellar Zayn Malik tweet.

17. A "Story of My Life" wall decal.

18. The official One Direction 2015 calendar.

19. A One Direction collage phone case.