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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    One Direction And Their Perfect Hair Is The Most Important Thing At The AMAs

    They are truly a gift from god.

    If you were like us, you might have started to doze off at the semi snooze-worthy red carpet at the AMAs. That is until One Direction showed up like five angels descending straight from the heavens above.

    Dressed in all black head-to-toe, each with perfect hair worthy of a god:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    *Grabs inhaler so I can figure out how to breathe again*

    It was like time stood still, and everything finally made sense again:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    *Prays to the altar of 1D*

    There was this beautiful swoop:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    This beaming ray of sunshine:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    This heart-melting, suave comb-over:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    These long, beautiful curly locks:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    And most importantly THIS LITTLE CURL SITUATION:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt

    But the true heroine of this story is Lou Teasdale —gifted hair stylist to the 1D dudes — who recreated Johnny Depp's hairstyle from the movie Cry Baby, immediately bringing real tears to our eyes:

    God bless you, Lou.

    That's it. We can all go home now.

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