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    Norman Reedus And Diane Kruger Interviewed Each Other And Shit Got Real

    The stars of Sky talk first kisses, tabloids, and the meanest actor they've ever worked with.

    Jon Premosch / Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed

    You're likely already obsessed with The Walking Dead fan-favorite Norman Reedus, and the equally talented Diane Kruger, so putting the two of them together onscreen seems like an automatic hell yes. Now starring in the new drama Sky, the duo stopped by BuzzFeed New York to sit down in an intimate one-on-one interview with each other — discussing everything from Norman's eye makeup to the meanest actor Diane has worked with — and let's just say, things got very real. Here's what went down.

    Diane Kruger: What attracted you to the script of Sky, to want to do it?


    Norman Reedus: Wow, I mean, I said yes before I read the script, to be honest.

    DK: Great! [laughs]

    NR: Yeah, it was Fabienne on the Skype call, and I just kind of fell in love with her, and she was like, would you do it? And I'm like, yeah, I'll do it. And I knew who was involved [you], so I said yes before I even read it.

    Norman Reedus: Tell me, what song did you have your first kiss to?


    DK: I hate you so much.

    NR: I know you do.

    DK: Um, my first kiss, was [to] Don Johnson.

    NR: God. What's the song? Can you hum it?

    DK: It was called "Tell It Like It Is" and it's uh…

    NR: How's it go?

    DK: I can't, I can't sing it to you right now. I cannot believe you're putting me on the spot like that, you are such a dick!

    Diane: Do you sometimes wear eye makeup? I’ve seen pictures of you...

    NR: Uh, yeah. I do. Um, that was for a photo shoot, and I had an art gallery opening, and I ran to the opening last minute and then took a picture by a toilet. Um, a gold toilet, that said "expensive shit" on it. And that picture went everywhere.

    DK: But not in your private time?

    NR: Ha, I don't even own a hairbrush. Are you kidding me?


    Norman: Who’s the meanest actor you’ve ever worked with — besides me.

    DK: Um, you know who wasn't very pleasant, was Peter O'Toole.

    NR: Oh, come on! It's Peter O'Toole.


    DK: I know! It kind of sucked. He's dead, so I can say that. But he wasn't the most pleasant person.

    NR: Ah, that's such a bummer.

    DK: And then you.

    NR: Dammit. That sucks.

    Diane: What is the most uncomfortable scene you’ve ever had to do?

    NR: Um, it was in that movie Blade 2. And I had been out all night long, and it was in Prague, and we used to go on the river when we'd been out and that's how we would wake back up basically. And I was on the boat, and the publicist was on the boat, and her phone rings and we're like, "Don't answer the phone, don't answer the phone! And she's like, "Uh, Wesley sprained his ankle you've gotta come to set." And I was like, "I've been drinking, I don't wanna come to the thing."


    NR: And so I'm standing there with Wesley Snipes and I'm like, "Wes, do I look fucked up right now?" He's like, "No man, do I look fucked up right now?" He goes, "No, you look good!" [fist bump] "Action!" And we went into the scene. And it was, it worked, but…

    DK: It was uncomfortable.

    NR: It was just, I wasn't ready.

    Norman: What do you have coming up next, what’s your next project?


    DK: Thank you for that.

    NR: You're welcome.

    DK: I'm going to make a French movie, with Catherine Deneuve. I'm playing her daughter, in the south of France.

    NR: Wow.

    DK: Yeah, nice.

    Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

    Diane: You know, I’ve heard that you have certain ticks, phobias — like, would you say you’re a tidy person, or would you say…

    NR: I'm pretty tidy, actually. I mean, you know, if there's a bag of chips, and if there's this much chips I have to throw it away, or make someone eat it, 'cause I can't stand to have little things. I'm constantly downsizing.

    DK: I heard you just got rid of cable.

    NR: I did, yeah, I got rid of cable. I'm on a cable show — I can't believe I'm saying that. But yeah, I did.


    NR: I gave them back their boxes, I gave 'em one of these, and they said, "Oh, do you wanna get rid of your phone service as well?" And I go, "I have phone service?" And they go, "Yeah, for like the last 10 years." And I'm like, "Yeah, I'd like to cancel that then!"

    DK: You mean like a home phone?

    NR: Like a home phone, yeah. It was very liberating.

    Norman: Have you ever been misrepresented in the tabloids before?


    DK: [laughs] Have you ever been well-represented in tabloids?

    NR: No, misrepresented.

    DK: No, I'm saying, is there a case of being well-represented in tabloids?

    NR: Oh, that's true. Probably never.

    DK: Yeah, never happened to me that it was accurate. You?

    NR: No. Uh, I mean yes.

    DK: What?

    NR: Both.

    DK: [laughs] OK, good to know.

    Diane: What was the most uncomfortable scene you had to do in this movie, Sky?


    NR: I think putting on that outfit, the park ranger outfit. 'Cause I was like, who the fuck wears this outfit, and it was just very wrong. I liked the hat — I kept the hat.

    DK: You kept the ranger hat?

    NR: Oh no, did I wear a ranger hat or the black — oh yeah, I did. I did not keep that one. Um, yeah I think doing that scene. But it was cute too, and it was kind of awkward and fun as well.

    Norman: So, have you met Catherine Deneuve already?

    DK: I have, yeah.

    NR: What's she like?

    DK: She's pretty fabulous.

    NR: Super sexy still.

    DK: Yeah, yeah. Smoking — you know, brings a dog to restaurants, pets the dog then eats food, puts the cigarette down.


    NR: Nice.

    DK: Last time I saw her she was sitting in the streets in front of a café in Paris, like literally on the street, sidewalk, and had a cigarette with her glass of wine next to her, in a fur coat.

    NR: Dude, I love her.

    DK: She was pretty awesome.

    NR: And again, why was Peter O'Toole such a dick?

    DK: He was just a drunk, and Peter O'Toole. You know, he had a two-day part, and I played Helen of Troy and he was Peter O'Toole, and he just wanted to make sure that everybody knew that he was Peter O'Toole. And he could barely make it up the stairs. We were on a set that was — you know, you have to climb, like, I don't know, 100 steps to go up.

    NR: Have you ever seen that movie with him and Peter Sellers and they're just completely trashed?

    DK: [laughs] That was probably —

    NR: It was the best scene ever.

    DK: I mean, you might've really liked him.

    NR: I actually think I would've, yeah.

    DK: But to work with, he was just — first of all, everybody thought he was gonna die right there and then. Because it was, you know, 120 degrees, and he had to walk up 100 stairs. And he was very old, and very drunk.

    NR: You're kind of killing Peter O'Toole for me.

    DK: I'm sorry!

    NR: It's kind of like the story of Elvis on the toilet with a peanut butter sandwich, like, I don't wanna hear it.

    DK: You just asked me!

    NR: I know but you didn't have to go, like, so far into it!

    DK: He was great. You would've loved him! You guys would've, like, been drinking together and it would've been great.

    NR: I would've loved him, yeah. That's what I'm talking about.


    Sky is now playing in select theaters!