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    Literally Just 17 Perfect Tweets About Last Night's "How To Get Away With Murder"

    "I think it's bout time to write Olivia Pope into this storyline cause I don't see a way in hell this gon end well for all of them."

    1. This important question:

    I don't get why these inmates are trying to pick a fight with Annalise instead of getting some free legal advice 🤔 #HTGAWM

    2. This genius idea:

    #HTGAWM I think its bout time to write Olivia Pope into this storyline cause I dont see a way in hell this gon end well for all of them

    3. This reality:

    Frank might be a socio but he a ride or die. #HTGAWM

    4. This very real statement:

    Michaela for President. Or at least my lawyer #HTGAWM

    5. This damn real truth:

    Oooohh Oliver is unpacking three SEASONS worth of murders. He just got the Netflix password and binge watched this mother. #HTGAWM

    6. This constant roller coaster ride:

    #HTGAWM #TGIT I love how Nate always claim to be "done" with Analise. Nate: I'm done with her. Nate to Nate: Actua…

    7. This brilliant strategy:

    wes isn't dead if you didn't watch the episode #HTGAWM #TGIT

    8. This real AF statement:


    9. Every time Michaela kicked ass:

    10. This truth that will make your head spin:

    They trying to pin all those murders on Annalise but the gag is she not even the murderer! #HTGAWM #DatMurda

    11. This glimpse at all of us:

    #HTGAWM What I wanna do to ADA Atwood every time she speaks or smiles smugly

    12. This important campaign:

    I hate seeing Annalise like this. She saves these punks EVERY SEASON and yet they continue to pay her DUST. Justice 4 @violadavis #HTGAWM

    13. When Gustav became your new favorite character:

    Hoping to find my own Gustav this hiatus #HTGAWM

    14. *Whispers* this truth:

    But y'all know Bonnie is the weakest lawyer ever. Michaela should've been in charge #HTGAWM

    15. This ideal scenario:

    Plot twist: Annalise calls an old friend from college to come fix this mess & it just so happens that old friend is Olivia Pope. #HTGAWM

    16. This flashback to all of us on episode one:

    17. And this glimpse into our weekly reality:

    See you all next week! (With four glasses of wine, a box of tissues, and a blanket to hide under.)