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    Meet The Ridiculously Hot Actor From Taylor Swift's "Style" Video

    He's got that James Dean day dream look in his eye.

    Another Taylor Swift music video, another hella hot actor or model to start swooning over. This time, it's British actor Dominic Sherwood.

    And he's got that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt thing going on in Taylor's new video.

    You might recognize Dominic from his breakout role in last year's book-turned-movie, Vampire Academy. And this year, he's starring in the new thriller Take Down, alongside fellow British babe Ed Westwick.

    He's the proud owner of the sexiest pair of two-different-colored eyes.

    And seems to have spent some time modeling and making you wish you were a sweater.

    Hi. Hello. Yes.

    Unsurprisingly, he has a stomach chiseled out of pure gold.

    And cheek bones so beautiful they could make you weep.

    He even has previous ties to T. Swift, as he's rumored to be dating her BFF Sarah Hyland (who he starred alongside in Vampire Academy).

    And this is one ~adorable~ pair that we whole-heartedly ship.

    Basically, he's an A+ babe — and we'd like to send our thanks to Taylor Swift for bringing him into our lives again.