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Every GIF From "Magic Mike XXL" That You Need In Your Life

As the film's trailer says, you're welcome.

Like a blessing from the heavenly spirits above, the first trailer for Magic Mike XXL is here — just in time for hump day.

Like this signature move that might require emergency medical assistance:

This hella sexy high five:

These blood-pressure-raising dance moves:

This sassy kitchen dance:

These 👏 rock 👏 hard 👏 bods:

This dance party that's probably the happiest anyone has ever been:

This gas station that was never the same again:

These glistening, bulging muscles:

When he put his whole body into this very, very important work:

This hella suave dance:

When he freakin' owned these tables:

These hand claps that you felt deep within your soul:


And every single one of these moves that made you momentarily forget how to breathe: