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Jan 30, 2015

17 Times Maddie Ziegler's Dance Moves Blew Your Freakin' Mind

She might just be 12 years old, but this Dance Moms diva and Sia mini me can out-dance anyone.

1. When she looked like the actual mini ballerina figurine inside of your music box:


2. When she leaped and twirled across the room in Sia's "Chandelier" video:

Monkey Puzzle Records /
Monkey Puzzle Records /

3. And was the actual definition of mesmerizing and haunting:

4. When she had the most ***flawless switch leap:

5. When her turn was so graceful you just couldn't stop watching:

6. When she jumped and twirled and you were like, "how does one tiny little human move so effortlessly???"

7. When her emotions were so strong that you ~felt~ every single thing she was doing:

8. When she did this little number and it was like never-ending perfection:

9. When this crazy flexible thing happened:

10. When she was sassy as hell:

11. When she kept spinning, and spinning, and spinning, and you were just like, "HOW? WHAT? HUH?"

12. When she did this beautiful arabesque and it nearly brought you to tears:

13. When she blew your mind once again in Sia's "Elastic Heart" video:

14. And was terrifying and enchanting all at the same time:

15. When this leg hold turn was what your 5-year-old ballerina dreams were made of:

16. When she flew in the air and landed smack down on her leg like it was no big thing:

17. And when she defied gravity with this beautiful flip:



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