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    15 Times Liam Payne And Sophia Smith Restored Our Faith In Love

    The actual definition of relationship goals.

    Hi. This is One Direction mega-star Liam Payne and his longtime girlfriend, Sophia Smith. The two met many years ago in school, and finally got together in 2013.

    Let's examine the evidence.

    1. When Liam knew that he was lucky as hell and not afraid to admit it.

    2. When his longing eyes looked at her like he's never looked at anything before in his life.

    3. When Liam was like, holy sh*t this is my babe HOW DID I GET THIS BLESSED??

    4. When they let Niall three-wheel into their selfie and briefly become a part of #Sophiam.

    5. When just the mere act of looking at each other made the world a better place.

    6. When he was having some serious beautiful-girlfriend-gazing-off-into-the-sunset withdrawals.

    7. When even their wavy, underwater reflections were perfect enough to be housed in the Greatest Selfies Of All Time Museum.

    8. When they proved their status as the Hottest Couple On The Planet.

    Liam Payne with Sophia Smith and friends in Las Vegas recently

    9. When they perfected the act of behind-the-back-hand-holding.

    10. And also side-of-the-body-hand-holding.

    11. When they posed at a water park and you couldn't tell whether the two of them or the dolphin was more adorable???

    Life goals:being a dolphin to be touched by liam payne and sophia smith

    12. When they killed the Dubsmash game like no couple ever has before.

    13. Like, honestly, truthfully, killed it.

    14. When he posed like a princess with his princess and you were like 😭.

    15. And when he posted this hella cute quote that made you fall to floor in a puddle of sappy tears.


    This post has been updated to reflect that @xosofias is a fan account.