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Little Mix's Music Video For "Hair" Is Here And It's Cute AF

The ~ex~ anthem we all need in our lives.

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In case you're in the midst of a breakup and need to get the hell over some asshole, Little Mix have released the ultimate ex anthem with their latest single "Hair."

The girls released the music video for the track today — featuring Sean Paul — and it's basically a how-to guide for helping your best friend say so long to the loser in their life 💅.

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Step 1: Invite your best friends over.

Step 2: Order approximately 15 boxes of pizza.


Step 3: Live your best lives and dance around your living room while singing into hairbrush microphones.

Step 4: Have a friend on duty who will snatch the phone out of your hand when you try to text him, and trash his number ASAP.

Everbody needs a friend like Jade! That girl drops the phone and THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! @LittleMix #HairMusicVideo

It's pretty much friendship goals, sleepover goals, fancy PJ goals, hairbrush microphone goals, etc.

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In conclusion: same.

I just wanna be best friends with little mix #HairMusicVideo

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