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    Little Mix's Music Video For "Hair" Is Here And It's Cute AF

    The ~ex~ anthem we all need in our lives.

    In case you're in the midst of a breakup and need to get the hell over some asshole, Little Mix have released the ultimate ex anthem with their latest single "Hair."

    Columbia Records /
    Columbia Records /

    The girls released the music video for the track today — featuring Sean Paul — and it's basically a how-to guide for helping your best friend say so long to the loser in their life 💅.

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    Step 1: Invite your best friends over.

    Columbia Records /
    Columbia Records /

    Step 2: Order approximately 15 boxes of pizza.


    Step 3: Live your best lives and dance around your living room while singing into hairbrush microphones.

    Step 4: Have a friend on duty who will snatch the phone out of your hand when you try to text him, and trash his number ASAP.

    Everbody needs a friend like Jade! That girl drops the phone and THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! @LittleMix #HairMusicVideo

    It's pretty much friendship goals, sleepover goals, fancy PJ goals, hairbrush microphone goals, etc.

    Columbia Records /

    In conclusion: same.

    I just wanna be best friends with little mix #HairMusicVideo