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Little Mix Play A Game Of "Never Have I Ever"

In which we discover that Jade almost prank-called Taylor Swift, and Perrie is guilty of drunk-texting an ex.

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If you haven't been introduced to the life-changing British girl group Little Mix, then it's damn time you got on board. These four badass girls are taking the world by storm with their incredible a cappella renditions and amazing pop singles, including their recent hits "Black Magic" and "Love Me Like You." Thankfully, this ultimate squad just released their addicting new album Get Weird, and to celebrate, the ladies stopped by BuzzFeed New York to play a "weird" round of Never Have I Ever. Read on to watch the girls spill some secrets and prove why they deserve your undivided attention.

Canceled on a date last minute because you wanted to stay in and relax.

Perrie Edwards: Oh, obviously!

Leigh-Anne Pinnock: GUILTY!

Perrie: Everybody’s guilty of that.

Jade Thirlwall: I’ve gotta take it where I can these days, so [No Way!].

Perrie: No, shut up, you!

Leigh-Anne: [To Jade] Anything with a pulse.

Finished a family-size serving of junk food in one sitting.

Jade: Who doesn’t.

Leigh-Anne: Yeah!

Perrie: Every day of my life!

Walked down the street wearing your headphones and pretended you’re in a movie.


Leigh-Anne: 100%!

Perrie: All the time! Music videos especially.

Leigh-Anne: We’ve never done a slow song video, so it’s one of our dreams. So whenever we can capture that moment on our own, we give it everything.

Perrie: On a train or a bus and you look out the window. We still do it in our spare time!

Drunk-texted an ex.

Leigh-Anne: Oh, yeah. Story of my life.

Jade: I still love you!

Perrie: All the time. [Starts singing] Story of my life.

Leigh-Anne: Everybody’s done that!

Jade: You can get an app now where it stops you from contacting certain people.

Perrie: No you can’t! Oh my god.

Leigh-Anne: That would be brilliant.

Jade: I need to invest in that.

Perrie: Or you can just block and delete their number — that’s always the best way isn’t it?

Had a paranormal experience.


Leigh-Anne: Oh god, no.

Jade: Our flat was haunted when [Perrie and I] used to live together. Perrie’s room was always nice and warm and mine was always freezing. And when I’d be asleep, like, the TV would turn on.

Perrie: I never witnessed any of that because it clearly wasn’t haunted in my room, just her room.

Jade: Yeah, it was a paranormal presence.

Perrie: But I have experienced other stuff. It’s actually really sweet. It was scary, but really sweet. So we were in Marbella on a girlie holiday, me and my mom and my best friend Catherine. And we were staying in this lush hotel, and we had, like, rooms that were connected, so my mom’s in that room and me and Catherine were in this room. And we were just looking around and we sat down and I was like, it’s so nice being on a girlie holiday. And my mom was like, Yeah wouldn’t — because Stephanie, who passed away a long time ago — wouldn’t she love it here? We’re like, yeah! We came back in the room a few minutes later after talking about her, and our phones [in the room] had our names on it, so mine was Edwards. And I was like, who’s Stephanie? And it said Stephanie on my phone. And I was like, shit, we’re in the wrong room! So I was like grabbing my stuff and my mom came through the connecting door, and I was like, mom, is that your room? She was like, yeah, and I was like, why does my phone say Stephanie? And we were all just looking at the phone in absolute confusion. And we all started panicking and stuff and I got emotional and started crying and looked again and it said Edwards. It was so weird! It was so cute though! My mom was like, see, she’s here, she’s having a good time! I thought it was so nice.

Forgotten the lyrics to a song while onstage.

Jade: You just gotta style it out. Be like, “Oh, you sing it!”

Perrie: I’ve never!

Leigh-Anne: Have you, Jade?

Jade: Yeah, remember “Little Me”? That was on TV.

Leigh-Anne: Ohhh. Yeah, it’s the worst feeling in the world. You end up making up your own lyrics, and it’s just not good.

Thrown a drink in someone’s face, Real Housewives–style.


Leigh-Anne: Ohh, guilty! I’m bad.

Jade: One night out at home, a boy grabbed my bum and I turned around and went [throws drink]. And my glass slit open my hand.

Befriended a fan.

All of them: Yeah!

Perrie: All the time!

Leigh-Anne: We love them. We have the same ones that come down and see us all the time, we know their names, and yeah, they’re so sweet.

Prank-called Simon Cowell.


Jesy Nelson: [To Jade] You have!

Leigh-Anne: [To Jade] You were gonna do it!

Jade: I was gonna do it when I was drunk. Whenever I get drunk I have this thing where I need to prank-call someone, but then I never have the balls to do it. I nearly did it to Taylor as well.

Jesy: Oh yeah, it was her, not him.

Jade: Taylor Swift. I nearly prank-called her and then I realized that I didn’t put the 1-4-1-4 so they didn’t know it was my number, so I didn’t do it.

Gone out wearing a disguise for a day.

Perrie: Oh, pretty much all the time! A hoodie and glasses and stuff.

Jesy: Oh, yeah.

Perrie: I mean I wouldn’t go like full prosthetics, but.

Leigh-Anne: [To Perrie] You went to Morrison’s in a Spider-Man costume.

Perrie: Oh yeah, damn right I did. Me and my best friend decided to do some shopping in a Spider-Man costume.

And you were just, like, free to be?

Perrie: Yeah, it was so good. We were rolling around the floor and everything. Felt like a kid.

Believed that aliens exist.


Jade: 100%. We’d be stupid to think it was only us in the universe.

Leigh-Anne: Yeah, I watched this film Area 51. And it was awful, really scary. It seemed really real.

Perrie: No, there’s definitely more than us. I reckon we’re the aliens.

Gone four days without showering.

Leigh-Anne: No, that’s too long!

Perrie: Yeah, all the time! No, I’m joking.

Leigh-Anne: Four days is a long time!

Perrie: It was a long time. I can’t remember when it was, but you know when you have like festivals and whatnot and you’ve only got, like, wipes and stuff.

Leigh-Anne: Two days I understand, but four days is a lot.

Perrie: Four days is a lot, but it has been done.

Jade: Like at Christmas when we finally get time off, and I just sit on the couch for like a week and rot.

Leigh-Anne: Sit on the couch and rot!

Stalked a crush on Instagram and accidentally double-tapped their picture.


Perrie: All the bloody time!

Jade: Ughh, there’s nothing worse, is there?

Perrie: There needs to be a different way of liking something. Or you pass it to your mom and you're like, Mom check him out, and she’s, like, trying to fucking zoom in! Woman, you can’t zoom on Instagram — when you gonna learn!

Used someone else’s toothbrush without telling them.

Leigh-Anne: No, if I did that I would, like, run it under hot water to make sure it wasn’t gross.

Perrie: Ewww, no.

Jade: No, I can’t do that — it makes me feel sick.

Perrie: [To Jesy] You have? Someone else as in, like a boyfriend, or...?

Jesy: Yeah, Jake’s.

Leigh-Anne: And you didn’t tell him?

Jesy: No, he always borrows mine.

Perrie: Well, that’s, like, normal.

Leigh-Anne: I wouldn’t share Jordan’s toothbrush. Ew.

Perrie: There’s something weird about teeth.

Jesy: You put your tongue in his mouth!

Leigh-Anne: Yeah, but I don’t wanna share his toothbrush that’s been cleaning his dirt off his tooth! Like, that’s his dirt, not mine.

Told someone you cooked food when you really ordered takeout.


Leigh-Anne: Nah. I’m an honest person!

Perrie: No, because I am Gordon Ramsay. I’m a sick chef. I love to cook. I’ve actually learned a lot lately. I can make any kind of curries, spaghetti Bolognese, a roast dinner, lasagna. I can make all kinds of things!

Been mistaken for a doppelgänger.

Leigh-Anne: Someone thought I was Tamera from England. And Kelly Rowland! But I don’t look like Kelly Rowland, so I don’t know why.

Jade: Wasn’t that the pap?

Jade and Leigh-Anne: Kelly! Kelly!

Leigh-Anne: My name is Leigh-Anne I’m from Little Mix!

Perrie: I don’t think I’ve been mistaken as anyone.

You can download Little Mix's new album Get Weird now on iTunes!


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