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Listen To This Sneak Peek Of An Unreleased Taylor Swift Song

Taylor Swift + a bunch of kittens + a brand new song = best video of all time.

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ALERT ALERT. Diet Coke is here to save your Swiftie heart by giving you a sneak peek of a brand new song off her upcoming album 1989.

In their latest ad that drops this Friday, Taylor Swift is seen hanging out with a few (hundred) of her favorite furry friends.

Shockingly, this isn't even the best part of the video. Because while she's casually hangin' with some cats, a brand new unreleased track is playing in the background (!!!).


New Taylor Swift music. NEW TAYLOR SWIFT MUSIC.

Even Olivia Benson makes a cameo, because Taylor Swift & Diet Coke are trying to make your heart explode with happiness and pure joy.

So stop whatever you're doing and dance along to her brand new track that is pure pop perfection.

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Is it October 27 yet????

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