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20 Questions About Life On Tour With British Band Rixton

The guys behind "Me And My Broken Heart" dish about pranks on tour, how fans can get their attention, and the craziest thing on their rider.

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They've been climbing the charts in the U.K. for the past year — and you're probably already addicted to the hit single "Me And My Broken Heart" off their debut EP with the same title — but this British band is set to take over America in 2015. Their debut album Let The Road officially drops on March 3 and, starting in February, you can catch them on tour with Ariana Grande. You're about to be seeing a whole lot more of these dudes this year, so there's no better time to put them on your radar.

Get to know all about what life on tour is really like, and then watch a clip of the guys performing their next single "Hotel Ceiling" exclusively on BuzzFeed.

1. What's the best way for a fan to get your attention at a show?

Charley: Signs. The fans these days are putting lights on signs. What has happened?

Jake: Their dad must be like an electrician. Yeah, that gets our attention. When there's just like a big broken heart with lights, confetti, fireworks (laughs) — like a bigger production then what's going on onstage.

2. What's the No. 1 thing you bring on the road with you?

Lewi: The No. 1 thing I bring on tour is probably my phone. I can't live without my phone.

Charley: My laptop is the No. 1 thing for me.

Jake: Bags of money! I bring my friend, Josh.

3. What's your craziest tour memory?

Jake: We were on stage in Denver and Danny walked offstage halfway through the set because he needed the toilet, and all I hear was, "Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking," so I carried on talking, and he came back and apologized. He said, "I'll never do that again" — it happened again on the London [stop]!

Danny: I had to wee.

4. What are your favorite snacks to bring on your tour bus?

Charley: Skittles I love, they're my favorite. And Twiglets — but you don't have them here, so it's tough to get them in the U.S.

What's a Twiglet?

Charley: It's like a savory snack.

Lewi: Yeah — you know marmite? It's kind of like that, like small sticks. It's dried. It's weird, I don't like it.

Danny: They're hit or miss. You either love them or hate them. I love them. We love fruit though!

Lewi: Fruit, beers.

Danny: We're more healthy at the minute, but we go through phases.

5. Do you have a favorite Ariana Grande song?

Jake: Yeah, "Problem."

Charley: I like "Tattooed Heart." It's great.

Lewi: Mine's "Love Me Harder."

Danny: What was the first song she released? "My Everything," that's my favorite.

Jake: She wrote one about her grandparents that was actually very beautiful. "Daydream" — that's a beautiful song.

6. Who's most likely to forget lyrics?

Danny: Jake.

Jake: Oh yeah, me, all the time.

Danny: Just the other day we were doing "Hotel Ceiling" —

Jake: Did I do them wrong?

Charley: Yeah, you know you did! You turned around and was like, "I don't know any of the lyrics."

Jake: Oh, yeah! It's always when we go away for like two weeks, and you always get straight back into it and you don't think about what you're singing and it kinda just catches you off guard, like, Wait do these lyrics make sense? And I mess 'em up all the time.

7. What’s your favorite place you’ve been on tour?

Jake: Where did we go? We went somewhere exotic.

Charley: China!

Jake: Yeah, Shanghai.

Lewi: And L.A.!


8. What's the best or weirdest sign you’ve seen a fan hold up at a show?

Jake: [Lewi] gets a lot.

Lewi: In Brighton in the U.K. there was a sign that two girls were holding that said, "Praying isn't the only thing we do on our knees."

Charley: Bro, come on.

Lewi: True story. And Jake was like, "Ha ha, what do you mean?" like trying to play it off. And we were just like, Wow, OK. It was just like, eh, not about that. It was a bit strange.

9. Are there any crazy pranks that have happened on tour or on the bus?

Jake: Yeah! I prank called [Charley]. I was in my room on my own, it was like two in the morning, and I couldn't sleep so I wrote out this script I was gonna say on the phone. I was gonna put on an accent and be like, "Look, there's a leak in the room above. But we're gonna upgrade you to a suite, so just bring your belongings down to reception and they'll be able to upgrade you." So I called him, and I just started giggling like halfway through. But you panicked didn't you?

Charley: Yeah, I actually thought it was reception at first.

Jake: But it didn't actually work, so that was a pointless story.

Charley: We trashed T. Mills' dressing room.

Jake: We turned everything upside. He was our support on tour. And we went into his dressing room and turned everything upside down, like, everything. But when he came offstage, he didn't go back to the dressing room. So we were left turning everything back over.

Danny: We're not very good at pranks.

10. If you would do a 2014 version of "Make Out," which music videos would you recreate now?

Charley: The J.Lo probably with Iggy. I'd be J.Lo.

Jake: Maroon 5 "Animals." We'd be covered in ketchup.

Charley: Sia's dancing one, "Chandelier."

Danny: Ed Sheeran.

Jake: "Chandelier" would be great. I look great in a leotard.

11. Do you have any rituals that you do right before you go onstage?

Jake: Yes, we do. Have you seen Wolf of Wall Street? You know the "ahh, ahh" [chest pounding] thing? We do that. I swear.

Charley: We do. It's really fun.

12. Who’s the messiest on the tour bus?

Jake: I'd say I am. It's not messiest, it's just I don't care. I just take something off and throw it.

Danny: That's kind of what messy means.

Charley: That's exactly what it means, actually.

Jake: We all play a part as messiest, apart from Charley.

Charley: I try to keep my stuff together.

13. Who takes the longest to get ready?

Everyone: Charley.

Charley: I actually don't.

Lewi: Technically if we go off who's late to things most, I think it's [Jake].

Jake: That's the biggest lie I've ever heard in 2014.

Danny: You do come down last most times.

Jake: It's not late!

Charley: It's just because you get in the shower five minutes before you leave.

Jake: Yeah like, I can be ready, done, within 10 minutes. Easily. So people are like, "Are you gonna get in the shower? We're leaving in 10 minutes." And I'm like, "Yeah, I will." It's just time to me in my head doesn't make sense. There's no point in time.

14. Who’s the cleanest?

Everyone: Charley.

Danny: He's not a "neat freak" he's probably just the tidiest.

Charley: I just like to keep my stuff to myself.

15. Who texts the most?

Everyone: Lewi.

Jake: He falls asleep sometimes [with his phone in his hand]. And like, you'll be on the bus and you'll just hear like a kaboom, [and the phone falls on the floor.]

Lewi: I'll be writing a message and fall asleep [with phone in hand], and then wake up and carry on with the message.

Danny: We've been watching The Walking Dead recently and it's so intense and everyone's dying and then Lewi is like [staring at his phone] and I'm like, "Lewi, watch the program it's amazing!"

16. Who’s the night owl?

Charley: Danny.

Danny: I stay up pretty late.

Lewi: Yeah, probably Danny.

17. Who has the best ~game~ when it comes to girls?

Everyone: Jake.

Charley: Because he's mildly funny.

Lewi: Most people have this thing where they get embarrassed about things, they'll overthink it, go up to a group of girls and say the stupidest things. But he just has no hesitation.

Danny: He once started talking to a girl just by going up and going, "Fancy it?"

Jake: No, it never works.

Lewi: One time I saw [Jake] walk up to a group of four girls and say, "You are the boringest bunch of girls I've ever seen," and two seconds later they sat next to him and wouldn't leave him alone.

Jake: Did that happen? I must have been drunk.

Danny: Verified? You use "verified."

Jake: Oh, yeah. [Holds up phone] "Blue tick."

Does that work?

Jake: No, no it doesn't.

18. What city are you most looking forward to going to on this tour?

Lewi: Nashville.

Charley: The music there is amazing.

Jake: Charley watches Nashville [the TV show].

Charley: I do. I quite like it. It's brilliant.

19. What’s the craziest thing on your rider?

Lewi: We're genuinely, we're not really fussy at all. As long as we've got a bit of fruit on there.

Danny: Cauliflower.

Jake: I want to start getting postcards of everywhere we go. That's quite a good idea, isn't it? Because then like, when you're older you can have a big pile to show your kids and be like, This is where I've been.

Charley: You're gonna have kids?

Jake: I am gonna have kids.

Charley: That's amazing.

20. What do you do during your downtime between sound check and the show?

Jake: I'm really good at sleeping. I sleep a lot. Like just put me in a corner and give me a pillow and I'm out. But recently we started writing in our down time. Maybe a bit of FIFA on a games console?

Charley: We don't get much down time, really.

Danny: We drink a lot.

Watch Rixton in an exclusive live performance of their brand new single "Hotel Ceiling" at the El Rey, and download their new album Let The Road on iTunes March 3 .