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    Posted on Dec 13, 2017

    We Asked Celebs What Holiday Gift They'd Give Another Artist And They Had Some Genius Ideas

    Your favorite celebs at Z100 Jingle Ball share what holiday gift they'd give another artist!

    At this year's Z100 Jingle Ball, we hung backstage to ask some of your favorite celebs a very important holiday question: If they could give *any* gift to another Jingle Ball artist, who would they pick and what would it be? Here's what went down.

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    Liam Payne would like to gift Niall Horan a picture of himself.


    Liam Payne: If i could give a gift to anybody on Jingle Ball tour it would be my lovely friend Mr. Niall Horan. And I would send him a picture of me, because I'm sure he misses me.

    Camila Cabello wants to give Taylor Swift a very on-brand gift of a cat made out of cookies.


    Camila Cabello: I would give Taylor a cat made of cookies!

    Fall Out Boy would give Ed Sheeran a cat that stays as a tiny kitten forever.


    Pete Wentz: I feel like if we could give a gift to anyone, I know Ed Sheeran likes cats, maybe we just give you, like, a cat.

    Andy Hurley: We'll give you one kitty-cat. Take care of that kitty-cat.

    PW: That will be a kitten forever!

    Patrick Stump: Well that would be a great gift actually!

    G-Eazy would give Halsey the world 😭.


    G-Eazy: If I could give a gift to any other Jingle Ball artist it would be Halsey, and I would give her the world.

    And Lauren Jauregui would also pick Halsey, and give her some crystals.


    Lauren Jauregui: If I could give a gift to any Jingle Ball artist, I'd give it to Halsey, and I would give her some crystals. I'll have to go into a store and vibe her in order to find her the right one.

    A+ gift-giving, everyone.

    Be sure to catch iHeartRadio's Jingle Ball when it airs Thursday, Dec. 14 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW!

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