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    Kelly Clarkson Gets Interviewed While Playing With Puppies And It's So Adorable

    "I never, never voted on my season [of American Idol]. Not even for myself, which is dumb! Like, I should’ve."

    Taylor Miller / Nicole Ench/ BuzzFeed

    Ever since Kelly Clarkson became our very first American Idol she's been gifting the world with incredibly soulful, life-changing hits like "Since U Been Gone," "Miss Independent," and "Love So Soft." And now, after getting her very own start on a singing competition, she's coming back full circle as the newest coach on this season of The Voice.

    In celebration of the all-new Team Kelly, and her latest album Meaning of Life, we sat down with the pop icon and a bunch of adorable rescue pups as she answered everything you've been dying to know. Here's what went down.

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    If something went down and you had one phone call to get someone to help you out who do you call: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, or Alicia Keys?


    Kelly Clarkson: It depends on the scenario! I mean, I think I’d call Blake, I think I know him a little better than the others but I don’t know, I think Adam could charm himself out of a situation, and Alicia Keys had this weird gravitational pull to humans so she could help me out too. I don’t know, people fall for the southern charm. I’d probably call Blake.

    What was it like to finally meet Steve Carell in person?


    KC: It was awesome! You know why it was awesome? Because he was actually really cool. Sometimes you meet people and, uh, that doesn’t happen.

    In 2012 you said you had a killer song that you wanted Pink, Gaga, and Jessie J to sing with you. What happened to that?


    KC: Well, no one answered, so... [laughs] No one answered my call, so! I didn’t actually call them I just sent it on Twitter because I didn’t wanna be awkward if they didn't wanna do it. But I did, it was a song that actually ended up on my album Piece by Piece and it was called “Dance With Me.” It’s like this like, Bowie, kinda ABBA vibe and I love it.

    Have you heard from any of the people who influenced Meaning of Life (Toni Braxton, Bonnie Raitt, Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, etc.)?


    KC: It’s so weird that you say this, because I did get a handwritten letter from Michelle Obama about “Go High”! Which I obviously wrote inspired by the message she gave at the Democratic Convention. I have met Bonnie Raitt and Mariah Carey which is amazing — I’ve never met Toni Braxton!

    Name a Disney character you'd love to sing a duet with.


    KC: That’s hard, I actually really dig Pocahontas, the voice of Pocahontas. I think her voice is amazing, she was just rad. You know, I feel like a lot of the princesses are like, damsels, and she was like, "I've got this John Smith, follow me." Like, I love her. My daughter loves Pocahontas too.

    What song would you really like to cover as a Fan Request on your next tour?


    KC: Anything from the Harry Styles album, I love it. Or Evolve by Imagine Dragons because that’s good. I love both of those albums right now, they’re pretty rad. Or Cardi B because I just think it’d be fun to watch me sing like, “red bottom shoes,” I would just be bad. Or red bottom heels? No wait, did I say it wrong? See, already, it’s not a fit.

    If you could team up with four other badass women to form a girl band, who would you pick?


    KC: Ooh, I’d probably pick who I said earlier [in the tweet]. Pink, and Jessie J — I mean, god, I love so many. Adele, Alicia Keys — I’d just pick a bunch of like, soulful singers. There’s a lot of women I love! Demi [Lovato]...I love Demi!

    Did you ever vote for anyone else while you were on American Idol, and did you ever vote for yourself?


    KC: I never, never voted on my season. Not even for myself, which is dumb! Like, I should’ve. But we lived in a house all together, and then you would've looked like the tool voting for yourself [laughs].

    What is one thing you learned from the artists on your team on The Voice?


    KC: I guess I’d say, I don’t really get nervous so it’s been kind of a thing to help people with nervous energy. I don’t actually know that I’m helpful because I’m like, just get over it! You might suck, you might do great, you know? But um, probably just how to really be a coach, you know? Instead of me just doing, I have to kinda help mold and teach.

    It's an emergency, and you need a babysitter: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, or Justin Guarini?


    KC: I like a person who can discipline, so I’m probably gonna pick Simon! And he has a kiddo now, so he knows how to lay down the law. Watch him actually be a softie with kids though. I bet he’s soft, I bet we think he’s probably this like disciplinary and he’s probably like, "Yes, you can have your pony!" He’s probably like super sweet and we don’t know.

    Which song is your favorite to perform live?


    KC: My favorite old school song, like from the beginning, is “Miss Independent” still; live it’s so much better than on the record. My favorite new song ever to perform, like above all, is “Whole Lotta Woman” off this new album Meaning of Life. It gives me life on so many levels, it’s so fun.

    What is the silliest gift you have ever received?


    KC: It was at a show and a girl threw me her bra. And it was supposed to be funny, like “we support you,” get it?! But I was like, this is not an Aerosmith concert...this is a Kelly Clarkson concert! But it was funny, so points for being clever. I would have a beer with you — I would have some wine with you I don’t really enjoy beer too much.

    Be sure to catch Kelly Clarkson as a coach on The Voice every Monday and Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC!

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