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    Just A Reminder That You Can Visit The Real-Life Halloweentown

    And even hang out with Marnie Cromwell-Piper herself.

    Fellow witches, wizards, and goblins: Our beloved Marnie is returning to Halloweentown.

    Back in 1998, the Disney Channel forever changed our lives with the iconic classic Halloweentown, which was filmed in the real-life town of St. Helens, Oregon.

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    Each October, they bring the classic back to life with the Spirit of Halloweentown festival. And this year, Kimberly J. Brown aka Marnie will be returning once again to host a weekend full of Halloweentown events.

    She'll be kicking off the iconic pumpkin lighting ceremony.

    You'll have the chance to take a photo with Marnie in a haunted cab (with hopefully a special guest appearance by Benny).

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    You can attend the Mad Hatters Costume Cocktail Party so you can don your best skeleton, vampire, or goblin look.

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    And you can even get over your Halloween candy hangover during a Bloody Mary and Bagels Brunch.

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    But you better get your broomsticks ready, because it's all going down next weekend, Oct. 8 and 9.

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    Even though I've seen Halloweentown approximately 18,366 times, I wasn't thinking clearly and the character's name is obviously Marnie.