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21 Times Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes Said Exactly What You Were Thinking

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon, for existing.

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In honor of Jimmy Fallon's 40th birthday, we celebrate the man and the legend with his most hilariously perfect Thank You Notes.

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1. When he understood your Seamless struggles:

2. When he shared your annoyance of tourists:

3. When he got real about boy bands:

4. When he made you ~sea food~ in a new light:

5. When he called out the food stealers:

6. When he forever changed the way you saw the Firefox logo:

7. When he served some airplane realness:

8. When he called out your password BFF:

9. When he understood the pains of Starbucks:

10. When he threw major shade at the most hated word:

11. When he called out the true horror of graduation:

12. When he understood the life of an introvert:

13. When he was honest about your Internet robbery:

14. When he kept it real about annoying common phrases:

15. When he discovered the true definition of Uggs:

16. When he called out the worst hyperbole:

17. When he recognized the worst seat on an airplane:

18. When he shed light on the sad fish situation:

19. When he accurately described the worst food name:

20. When he made a life-changing comparison:

21. When he gave an inside look at the life of Shaq:

Happy Birthday, Jimmy! Keep doin' you, bb.

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