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    Jennifer Lawrence Is The Ultimate Louisville Cardinals Fan

    The Hunger Games star chows down on pizza, leads the crowd in a chant, continues to be the coolest person alive.

    Jennifer Lawrence continued her reign of perfection this weekend as she attended the Louisville vs. Kentucky basketball game like the normal, chill girl that she is.

    Terry Meiners /

    She stopped by her hometown team's game clad in a Louisville shirt and baseball cap to show us all how it's done.

    Step 1: Enthusiastically chant the school's cheer along with the rest of the dedicated fans.

    Step 2: Once the cheer is over, give one more big hand-clapping woo!

    Step 3: Finally, as the rules of basketball state, chow down on a big slice of pizza.

    After all that cheering and clapping, you deserve life's greatest pleasure: PIZZA.

    And thanks to JLaw, you now know the ultimate fan code of conduct: Cheer. Clap. Eat Pizza. Repeat.

    Louisville Courier-Journal photographer Scott Utterback

    God bless you, Jennifer Lawrence.

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