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Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Have Everyone's Dream Valentine's Day Plans


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The stress surrounding Valentine's Day can be extremely overwhelming. If you're Kanye West, you might, like, rent out Madison Square Garden and fill it with 40 million roses while professing your undying love on a jumbo tron.

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Or if you're anti all things hearts and chocolate, you might just go about your damn day as you please, like every other Sunday.

But if you're Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, you're smart AF and have the most relaxing, perfect V-Day plan that could ever exist: a simple night of Netflix and chill.

You gotta take care of each other on Valentine's Day, every day.
But we've actually scratched our dinner plans because I'm tired so we're probably just going to put on pajamas and catch up on some Netflix.

It doesn't get anymore blessed than that, amirite.

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