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18 Jamie Dornan Modeling Pics That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

You're going to need to sit down for this.

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1. When he was sprawling across a grungy floor with Eva Mendes for Calvin Klein Jeans:

2. When he showed off his body chiseled out of pure marble while rocking his Calvins:

3. And it was so beautiful you started to weep:

4. When you were graced by the presence of each and every one of his beautiful abs:

5. And then he casually relaxed on a bed in his boxer briefs like a montage straight out of your dreams:

6. When he did ALL OF THIS:


8. And definitely when he did this:

9. When he was soaking wet in a shower:

10. And you never wanted to be in a shower more in your entire freaking life:

11. When he was butt naked with Lara Stone in i-D Magazine:

Alasdair McLellan for i-D Magazine

12. And when it made a delightful appearance once again in this Calvin Klein Jeans ad:

13. When he was painfully beautiful in the middle of the desert for Banana Republic:

14. When Desigual slowly and beautifully drenched him in water once again:

15. When just rolling up his Zara shirtsleeves was enough to make your heart explode:

16. And you finally understood why fashion ads were created:

So that you can stare at Jamie Dornan, that's why.

17. When you were buying whatever the hell he was selling in this Hogan ad:

18. And when you still swooned over his beardless, baby self in this 2007 Christian Dior campaign:

To conclude: All brands please consider this a formal plea to cast Jamie Dornan in every single campaign you create from this day forward.

Thank you and God bless.

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