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    This Picture Of Jake Gyllenhaal In A Boy Band Is Actually Everything

    And the album cover is a picture of perfection.

    Jake Gyllenhaal recently ended his run on Broadway after starring in the play Constellations, but he's gearing up to make his musical debut with a 3-day showing of Little Shop of Horrors this summer at Lincoln Center.

    While he stopped by The Ellen Show to chat all about his upcoming roles, sleuth Ellen DeGeneres revealed that he's had a bit of a singing past.

    The Ellen Show

    Yes, it's true, the talented actor and mega babe was in a band in high school.

    The Ellen Show

    And the album cover is truly a work of art.

    The Ellen Show

    Museum-worthy art tbh.

    The 90s poster child of your dreams.

    The Ellen Show

    And not only did he sing, he also wrote the lyrics. Which I'm going to imagine were all about love, romance, and broken hearts.

    The Ellen Show

    Which now explains why he bonded so well with songwriting queen Taylor Swift.

    And on a separate but equally important note, he also revealed that he's single — and pretty much down for an arranged marriage.

    The Ellen Show

    So if you happen to run into Jake G's mom, you know what to do. Good luck!!!

    Watch the full interview in the clip below: