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Hollywood's Biggest Stars Dish About Their Favorite Oscars Memories

Featuring horrible wardrobe malfunctions, and a lot of drinking.

This morning on Live with Kelly and Michael, all of your favorite stars revealed some of their most memorable Oscars moments. Here are a few of the best highlights.

Minnie Driver recalls the moment that her fake fur stole saved her from a crazy wardrobe malfunction:

Glenn Close talks about her wardrobe malfunction that didn't get saved 😕:

Emma Thompson thinks back to her reaction to winning:

Reese Witherspoon reveals what she always brings in her clutch:

Don Cheadle talks about the time he was yelled off of the red carpet:

Channing Tatum's favorite memory is being thankful for not ruining his big dance performance:

Mark Ruffalo mostly remembers the bar:

And Terrence Howard fondly recalls a little drinking/hair mishap with Taraji P. Henson:

Check out all of the best moments in the full clip below:

Here's to many more ~exciting~ memories at this Sunday's 87th Academy Awards!