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    Hilary Duff Is Down For A "Lizzie McGuire" Reunion: "I Would Be Totally Open To It"


    When the Greatest TV Show of the '00s, Lizzie McGuire, officially ended, it was like something inside our hearts died.

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    Lizzie McGuire taught us so many life lessons, and always said exactly what you were thinking.

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    She understood your daily struggles:

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    She had friendships you admired:

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    And she always knew exactly what to say:

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    But are you sitting down?

    You are? OK good. Because as if all of our prayers and wishes have *finally* been answered, Hilary confirmed this weekend that she would be down for a LIZZIE REUNION.

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    Theo Wargo / Getty Images
    Chatting with The Huffington Post, Hilary said, "I would be totally open to it. My schedule is a little busy right now. But um … why not? Maybe a "Lizzie: Where Are You Now?" like 10 years later."

    And now we know that there is a god and the world is a beautiful place.

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    On behalf of everyone everywhere, we officially would like to request that Lizzie, Gordo, Miranda and the gang get back together AS SOON AS POSSIBLE PLEASE AND THANKS.

    Disney, please don't let us down. We are counting on you.


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