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    Taylor Swift Has A New Line Of Papyrus Greeting Cards

    Featuring a very Swift-appropriate "girl with cat" birthday card.

    Taylor Swift β€” talented singer, avid baker, and part-time greeting card creator β€” is back at it again, this time taking her talents to Papyrus with a new line of insanely cute cards.

    A few days ago, some Taylor Swift fans came across the new card collection IRL, and now they're officially available online.

    How adorable are these @taylorswift13 @Papyrus_Online cards? A portion of $ goes to charity!

    The collection currently features ten different cards, including this very Swift-esque "Girl With Cat" card.


    This Flower Perfume Bottle card reminiscent of her famous watercolor paintings.

    And this very ~Welcome to New York~ birthday card.

    The greeting cards are now available online and in all Papyrus stores across the U.S. and Canada, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

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