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Here's What Ethan Craft Has Been Up To Since "Lizzie McGuire"

Spoiler: He's busy being an A+ babe.

We all remember our beloved Ethan Craft, the man of not-so-many words who made Lizzie's heart swoon many years ago.

And in case you haven't already seen his beautiful grown up self, this is Clayton Snyder now, a decade later:

After his life-changing days on Lizzie McGuire, he stopped acting to play water polo at Pepperdine University, and then continued to play professionally in Europe. / Via

Because he's as talented as he is beautiful.

And, according to his recent Reddit AMA, he's now back to acting. Here he is being a babe on set last month:

He even admitted he'd be down for a Lizzie McGuire Movie sequel!!!!

But when he's not busy working on his acting game, he's still hanging out shirtless at the pool:

Building rock towers on a beach in a speedo:

And serenading us all with some sweet, sweet music:

But the most important question: Is he still skipping the "repeat" step of his shampoo process?

Yes, yes he is.

Keep doing you, babe.

Twitter: @heyclaytron / Josh Tousey

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