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Here's How Your Favorite Celebrities Spent The Fourth Of July

Miley Cyrus had a ~Party in the USA~, Mariah Carey posed with a flag, and more!

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1. Karlie Kloss and Emily Rajatowski hung out in Paris.

Instagram: @karliekloss

2. Miley Cyrus shared an iconic throwback.

Instagram: @mileycyrus

3. Katy Perry had an American-themed soirée in Paris.

Instagram: @derekblasberg

4. Shay Mitchell had a poolside feast in Mykonos.

Instagram: @shaymitchell

5. Ashley Tisdale wore a one-piece and sneakers.

Instagram: @ashleytisdale

6. Ashley Benson hung out with some dogs.

Instagram: @ashleybenson

7. Reese Witherspoon hung out with her mini-me.

Instagram: @reesewitherspoon

8. Britney shared this image which is actually from last New Year's Eve, but whatever.

Instagram: @britneyspears

9. Mariah Carey posed with flowers and flags.

10. Blake Lively celebrated with an inflatable train (maybe?).

Instagram: @blakelively

11. Hilary Duff partied with some patriotic props.

Instagram: @hilaryduff

12. Joe Manganiello did some grillin'.

Instagram: @joemanganiello

13. While Sofia Vergara did some bakin'.

Instagram: @sofiavergara

14. Sarah Hyland spent the day with friends.

Instagram: @therealsarahhyland

15. Sophia Bush played with some patriotic fidget spinners.

Instagram: @sophiabush

16. Nick Jonas kept this family tradition alive.

Instagram: @nickjonas

17. Austin Mahone had some fun with sparklers.

Instagram: @austinmahone

18. Maddie Ziegler had a pool party.

Instagram: @maddieziegler

19. Rachel Bilson shared an iconic patriotic throwback.

Instagram: @rachelbilson

20. Amanda Seyfried partied with some animals.

Instagram: @mingey

21. Sasha Pieterse spent the day with her family.

Instagram: @sashapieterse27

22. Ayesha and Steph Curry celebrated on a yacht.

Instagram: @ayeshacurry

23. Colton Haynes and his love rocked matching outfits.

Instagram: @coltonlhaynes

24. Vanessa Hudgens made a music video.

Instagram: @vanessahudgens

25. Armie Hammer spent time with his family.

Instagram: @armiehammer

27. Rachel Bilson made some banana pudding.

Instagram: @rachelbilson

28. And Hailee Steinfeld went to the beach.

Instagram: @haileesteinfeld

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