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    Here's Harry Styles' Paper Plane Necklace Taylor Swift Is Singing About

    "Your necklace hanging from my neck. Two paper airplanes flying, flying."

    Taylor Swift released her new track "Out of the Woods" last night, and if you're a real, breathing human than you've probably spent the last 10 hours singing "Are we out of the woods yet?" over and over again.

    While the entire world has been speculating about whether the song is about her ex Harry Styles, the lyrics seem to point to one big resounding YES.

    Looking at it now Last December, we were built to fall apartThen fall back together Your necklace hanging from my neck The night we couldn't quite forget When we decided To move the furniture so we could dance Baby, like we stood a chanceTwo paper airplanes flying, flying…And I remember thinking

    Speaking of paper airplanes, if you flashback to 2012 you'll remember a time when Harry Styles wore his paper plane necklace everywhere he went.

    Remember when @Harry_Styles would always wear his paper plane necklace

    And one of the first signs of the duo dating was when Taylor popped up wearing Harry's PAPER PLANE NECKLACE.

    "Your necklace hanging from my neck .... Two paper airplanes flying, flying…" I see what you did there @taylorswift13

    "Your necklace hanging from my neck" @taylorswift13 Now I know that Out Of the Woods is for @Harry_Styles

    In the words of Taylor Swift:

    Buy Taylor's incredible new song "Out of the Woods" on iTunes here.