Harry Styles Goes Out Of His Way To Comfort A Fan Having A Panic Attack

Because he is an actual gift from god, with a heart made of rainbows and sunshine.

1. It’s no mystery that the presence of One Direction can make most humans suddenly lose the ability to breathe, but it happened for one major fan when she finally got the chance to meet her idol, Harry Styles.

2. Ruth had been ~dying~ to meet Harry for years now.

3. And while attending One Direction’s book signing in London yesterday, she started to have a break down after realizing she was in the same room as him.

5. But Harry, being the angelic human that he is, ignored his security guard’s request and broke through the barriers to make sure she was okay.

He broke through the barrier despite security not wanting him to hug me and hold me and make sure I was ok for like three minutes while we just held each other and said we loved each other.

7. Harry went up to calm her down, and in the midst of her panic attack, she apologized for being “such a loser,” to which Harry obviously denied and then proceeded to hug her.

Because he is truly a gift sent down from the heavens above.

8. And those three precious minutes made the fan’s *entire* life.


— I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH (@addictof1d)

9. And Directioners rejoiced as the world was once again reminded that Harry Styles is truly a rare, magical, wonderful human being.

I want to cry Harry is the sweetest human being I've ever known

— yoli (@tamestyles)

10. God bless you, Harry.

Never change.

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