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The 19 Most Drake Things That Have Ever Happened

In honor of his 28th birthday.

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1. When he called this a "brother-sister" relationship:

2. When he wanted to hangout with Aziz so bad he photoshopped them together:

3. When he decided to pretend he was part of the Kentucky Wildcats:

4. And he shot an air ball during warm ups:

5. And he posed with his "coach and mentor":

6. When he dressed up like Lil Wayne:

7. When he really wanted to go to Hogwarts:

8. When he decided to start selling his tears:

11. When he caught up on the game on his private jet:

12. When he was ready for a ~$hopping spree~:

Might blow all the show money at Harrods. #UKTOUR


Might blow all the show money at Harrods. #UKTOUR

4:01 AM - 15 Jul 13ReplyRetweetFavorite


13. And he posed with a girl wearing his face on her shirt:

14. Just this. All of this.

15. When he turned up at his Dave and Buster's birthday party:

16. When he reimagined himself as Forrest Gump:

17. When he was ready to die for his District:

18. When he started from the bottom, and finally got here:

19. When he got his own Drake-approved cereal: