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21 Times Ryan Gosling Made You Have To Pick Your Jaw Up Off The Floor

In honor of Ryan's 34th birthday. Gos bless.

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From being the world's hottest new dad to making you cry all the tears in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling is the greatest gift both on-screen and off. Here are just a few of the many moments that the Gos made your heart skip a beat.

1. When he wiggled his eyebrows and 10-year-old you had a heart attack:


Gos bless.

3. When all you wanted was to cuddle up inside of his hoodie with him:

4. When his beautiful, piercing eyes stared straight into your soul:

5. When he licked his lips and you practically fell off of your couch:

6. When he built a house like the strong, hunky man of your dreams:

It might be for The Notebook, but in our hearts it's real.

7. When he made out with Rachel McAdams in the pouring rain and you screamed:

8. When he two-stepped his way into your heart:

9. When he blinked:

Baby, I can watch you blink all day.

10. When you never wanted to be a nose more in your life:

11. When he ran his hand through his beautiful hair and it was like the whole world stood still for a minute:

12. When he did this little ~getting comfy in my chair while I lick my lips~ move and you were like #RIPme:

13. When this life-altering moment happened:

14. And when this one happened and you needed an oxygen tank, or six.

15. When he gave this beautiful, slow, heart-palpitating kiss and your insides turned into putty:

16. When he looked ridiculously sexy while boxing:

17. When he laughed so sweetly you almost forgot how to breathe:

18. When there were two Ryan Goslings and the world became a better place:

19. When he briefly lifted up his shirt and it was the best 2 seconds of your life:

20. When he was adorably excited and you weren't sure it was possible for anything to be this beautiful:

21. When for the first time in your life you wanted something more than you wanted pizza. You wanted Ryan Gosling.

God bless you, Ryan. We are not worthy.

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