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    15 Times Bruno Mars Made The Whole World Stop And Stare For A While

    In honor of the dancing machine's 29th birthday.

    1. When he knew how to appreciate beauty:


    2. When he said what every twentysomething was thinking:


    3. When he made your heart beat a little faster:

    4. When he knew exactly how to brighten the day:

    5. When he understood the joys of a Friday night:

    6. When he knew exactly what to purchase:


    7. When he wanted to make all of our dreams come true:

    8. When he knew the pain of watching you leave:


    9. When he figured out the key to life:

    10. When he knew how to make fun of himself better than anyone else could:

    11. When he figured out the ultimate words to live by:

    12. When he spoke the gospel truth about music:

    13. When he knew the struggles of ~losing the one you love~:

    14. When his dance moves made the entire planet weak:

    15. And everyone temporarily forgot how to breathe:

    Basically, if perfect is what you're searching for, then just stay the same.


    Thank you, Bruno, for lighting up our lives.

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