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    Nov 6, 2014

    15 Times Emma Stone Perfectly Summed Up The Life Of A Twentysomething

    In honor of the queen's 26th birthday.

    1. When she knew what a travesty dating in 2014 is:


    2. When she understood the true reality of humans:

    3. When she knew that the most important quality in a best friend is a drinking partner:

    4. When she shared your enjoyment of being melodramatic over everything:

    5. When she knew the real horror of trying to figure out how to flirt:

    6. When she understood the pains of a quarter-life crisis:

    7. When she knew the answer to most problems in life:

    8. When she taught you to shake off the haters:


    9. When she knew that basically everything freaking terrified you:

    10. When she understood your one true love in life:

    11. When she acknowledged that none of us have any idea of what the hell is going on:

    12. When she knew what was *actually* important:

    13. When she acknowledged that dancing can solve most of life's problems:

    14. When she understood your love/hate relationship with the Internet:

    15. When she reminded you that being unique is way cooler than being like everyone else:

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