17 Times "Gossip Girl's" Serena Van Der Woodsen Was Your Style Icon

    Attention, Upper East Siders: This It girl knows a thing or two about ~fashion~.

    1. When she wore this shimmery, cutout contraption and you never craved a piece of clothing more in your life:

    2. When she mixed glitter, florals, and bright yellow like a freaking PRO:

    3. When she proved you can wear polka dots, a skinny belt, and gold all at once:

    4. When she made you want to start wearing purple + teal exclusively:

    5. When she rocked this strapless glittery gown of your dreams:

    6. When she made you realize that whole ~boho chic~ thing could actually work after all:

    7. When she turned a preppy schoolgirl look ~edgy~ with a badass red leather jacket and over-the knee boots:

    8. When she made you realize that you, too, needed a glitter shoulder-pad blazer for the first time in your life:

    9. When she rocked every patterned tight in existence and made you want to throw out every old pair of basic black tights you own:

    10. When she made you freaking wish you wore a uniform to school just so you could rock some sassy knee-highs:

    11. When she wore this crazy dress with wings on top of a Tiffany's box like a classy queen:

    12. When she mixed approximately seven different prints like a rule-breaking badass:

    13. When she rocked this high-low fancy gown with a rugged side braid you could only dream of:

    14. When she wore this crazy geometric glittery dress situation and your closet started weeping:

    15. When this bright and sunny ensemble made you want to be a better person:

    16. When she was the actual definition of WINTER CHIC:

    17. But mostly, when she stood outside Lincoln Center in this embellished lace gown that was so beautiful she was probably born in it and you never wanted anything more in your entire life:

    Thank you, Serena, for your never-ending supply of fashion ~inspo~.