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Gossip Girl's Lily & Rufus Are A Couple IRL And It Is Everything

It's the Gossip Girl ending we've always wanted.

Attention, Upper East Siders: Rumor has it that one of your favorite on-screen couples just might actually be an item in real life.

If there's one thing the famed show got wrong, it's ending the series with Lily and Rufus as in-laws, rather than a couple. (Sorry, Dan and Serena.)

But just because the fairy tale didn't play out on screen like we imagined, doesn't mean it can't happen IRL.

Rumors spread a few years ago that the two were briefly a couple, but could the King & Queen of the Upper East Side actually be ~in love~ now?

When we stumbled across this image last night, our hearts nearly stopped:

Rufus and Lilly are a real life couple. This is too perfect.

Kelly Rutherford & Matthew Settle a real-life couple?!?!

Let's examine the evidence.

Matthew melts over the sight of Kelly:

He thinks she's stunning:

And he frequently regrams a SETTLEFORD fan account:

Kelly also posts ~lovey~ videos with Matthew:

Proclaims how much she misses him:

And even supports their couple ship name #SettleFord:

In case there are any doubters of this match made in heaven, she even showed love to the #SettleFord fan account who praised their adorable relationship: