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    17 Times The Hemsworth Brothers Made You Wish You Were Dating The Hemsworth Brothers

    Hottest Man of the Year? More like Hottest ~brothers~ in all of eternity.

    As you might have heard, Chris Hemsworth was just named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2014.

    Here he is: Your #SexiestManAlive, Chris Hemsworth!

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    Here he is: Your #SexiestManAlive, Chris Hemsworth!

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    Which is pretty accurate, seeing as the Thor star is pretty much the actual definition of hunk. But even though the spotlight is on Chris, there's a whole trio of Hemsworths that would qualify for the title.

    Here are just a few reasons why we should be thankful for Chris, Liam and Luke.

    1. Somehow all three of them won the genetic lottery and look like THIS:


    2. They all have different heights, different hair, different styles —basically there's a Hemsworth for every type:

    Getty Images Pascal Le Segretain

    3. Their jaws are an actual work of art sent down to us from the heavens above:

    Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez

    4. And their tantalizing blue eyes pierce straight through your heart:

    Getty Images Alberto E. Rodriguez

    5. They somehow look even sexier when all three of them are together:

    Getty Images for City Year Los A Chelsea Lauren

    6. But they also look sexy as hell in pairs:

    Getty Images for Grey Goose Andrew H. Walker

    7. With perfectly crafted scruff to cozy up to in winter:

    AFP / Getty Images GABRIEL BOUYS

    8. Yes. Yes to all of this:

    Getty Images Kevin Winter

    9. Of course they're also extremely swoon-worthy all on their own:

    Getty Images Frazer Harrison

    *Tries to remember how to breathe*

    10. Liam, the Hunger Games babe of your dreams, is like a tall drink of water on a hot summer day:

    Getty Images Jason Merritt


    11. His floppy locks perfectly framing his chiseled cheeks and scruffy jaw:

    Getty Images Tim P. Whitby

    12. The eldest brother, Luke, is like the Ken Doll Barbie of your dreams:

    Getty Images Valerie Macon


    13. A little mix of Jesse McCartney and Zac Efron + that Hemsworth magic:

    Getty Images Valerie Macon

    14. And the sexiest of them all, Chris, is your literal superhero come to life:

    Getty Images Mark Metcalfe

    15. With a jawline that could save lives all on its own:

    Getty Images Mark Metcalfe

    16. No group of brothers has ever been or ever will be this beautiful:

    Danny Moloshok / Reuters

    17. God bless the Hemsworth family.

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