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17 Times Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello Were The Hottest Humans In Existence

And now, soon-to-be the most beautiful married couple in the world.

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In case you need to be reminded, this stunning, talented, and fabulously sassy actress is Sofia Vergara.

Getty Images Jason Merritt

And this is the sexy, studly actor made of steel, Joe Manganiello.

The painfully beautiful couple just got engaged over the holidays, and as you can see, have officially been crowned the Hottest Couple In The World*.

*Awarded to them by me, because it's true.

1. They are truly a walking pair of perfection. And in this dark and cruel world, they are the light that reminds us all that true love still exists.


2. They support each other's work:


3. They're always by each other's side:

4. And they surprise each other with heart-melting romantic gestures:

5. Joe makes her light up like a kid in very beautiful candy store:


6. He* gives her all the romance she deserves:

*We can't confirm these roses are actually from a one Mr. Manganiello, but we're going to pretend because it's probably true.

7. Provides her with shoulders to lean on:

Beautiful, beautiful shoulders.

Beautiful, beautiful shoulders.

8. And ~ripped biceps~ to hold onto:

A true gift to the world.

A true gift to the world.

9. Sofia is truly proud of everything he does:😘😘😘

10. Is always there to support his every endeavor:


11. And knows how to share her love with *both* of her men — both on-screen and off:


12. They celebrate the holidays with family and adorable home-cooked meals:

13. Know how to vacation in style:

14. And probably shatter every mirror they look into together, because one mirror alone cannot handle so much beauty:

15. They know how to make each other laugh:

Getty Images for AFI Michael Kovac

The true way to anyone's heart.

16. Have the best pair of butts in the business:

GC Images GVK/Bauer-Griffin

17. And generally can make any room they walk into start weeping from the presence of their beauty:

WireImage Dimitrios Kambouris/VF14

It's true that God must have spent a little more time on you (both). Long live #Jofia.

Getty Images for AFI Michael Kovac


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