21 Insanely Specific Gabe Saporta Reaction GIFs

    Perfect for those frustrating times when Chipotle doesn't give you enough guac, or when you get caught taking a selfie.

    Gabe Saporta — the mastermind behind the band Cobra Starship that brought you feel-good pop hits like "Good Girls Go Bad" — is finally back with more musical magic. The band recently released their new single "Never Been In Love" featuring Icona Pop, and it's enough to make you start a dance party in your living room and never, ever stop moving.

    Gabe recently stopped by BuzzFeed NYC to tell us all about his new music, and give you the perfect reaction GIFs for every important life moment.

    1. Someone just complimented you on your style.

    2. You just overheard someone singing one of your songs.

    3. You just overheard someone singing one of your songs...WITH THE WRONG WORDS.

    4. You just dropped your burrito.

    5. You just sprayed yourself in the eye with cologne.

    6. You've been searching everywhere for your glasses.

    7. You just witnessed someone slip on a banana peel.

    8. You just witnessed someone slip on a banana peel and they actually hurt themselves badly.

    9. You're singing your song and you forget the lyrics.

    10. You just remembered kittens exist.

    11. You just found out that you're dating your cousin.

    12. You're creeping on someone's Instagram.

    13. You accidentally like someone's pic on Instagram.

    14. You find $5 in your jacket pocket.

    15. You didn't get enough guacamole at Chipotle.

    16. You are standing under a tree and all of a sudden a squirrel falls on your head.

    17. You get caught taking a selfie.

    18. You spot Anna Wintour at NYFW.

    19. You see a good girl go bad.

    20. You're in an air guitar battle.

    21. You just ran into a friend you haven't seen in a long time.

    The end.