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    13 Eerie Things And What "Dateline’s" Lester Holt Thinks About Them


    If you're like me, Demi Lovato, or Jimmy Fallon, Dateline is not just a thrilling, makes-you-jump-out-of-your-seat television show about real-life mysteries — it's a way of life. In my opinion, the only plans that ever matter on a Friday night are watching Dateline on the couch while eating Chipotle in a snuggie (and occasionally crying over an intense episode). So we jumped at the chance to chat with the show's host, Lester Holt, about all things ~mysterious~. Holt stopped by BuzzFeed New York to play an eerie round of word association, and here's what happened.

    1. Crime scene

    2. Witness

    3. Guilty

    4. Murder mystery

    5. Cliffhanger

    6. Missing

    7. Cold case

    8. Confession

    9. Life insurance

    10. Evidence

    11. Keith Morrison

    12. Secret

    13. Dateline

    Tune in to an all-new Dateline tonight!