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Apparently Ed Sheeran Is Going To Sing To Arya Stark On "Game Of Thrones" And IDK

Sheeran is coming.

Like the rest of the entire planet, Ed Sheeran is a diehard Game Of Thrones fan.

And as it turns out, Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) is also a major Sheeran fan — as in, she could be the president of his fan club.

Lovely to finally meet you. Playin it cool. @edsheeran

As a surprise for Williams, the showrunners had been trying to book Sheeran on an episode for a while now. And during SXSW this year, they confirmed that Sheeran will be making a cameo in the upcoming season.

No further details were revealed, but in an interview last week, Sheeran shared a few ~minor details~ about his role.

Here's @edsheeran video 2/5... 👋 Lines from his @GameOfThrones part & the film he is working on 🎥🎸

He doesn't give too much away, but he does reveal that his small part in the show is a scene with Arya, and involves singing:

I sing a song and then [Arya] goes, 'Oh, that's a nice song.' And I go, 'It's a new one.'

HMMM...a girl has some questions.


Why is she listening to some random dude sing? How does Ed just casually pop up busking on the streets? If it's a *new song* then is he supposed to have appeared before? Doesn't she have too much other shit to deal with than watching a Westeros concert??

Anyways, we'll find out what really goes down when Season 7 kicks off July 16, 2017!



  1. What do you think about Ed's cameo?

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What do you think about Ed's cameo?
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    I would rather be confronted with a White Walker than see Sheeran in Westeros.
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    I cannot fucking wait!!!!
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    Don't really care either way, tbh.