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Ed Sheeran Built His Song Live On Stage At The Grammys And It Was Incredible

The most talented one-man band in all the land.

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Hi, this is Ed Sheeran. The incredibly talented singer-songwriter who is known to slay everyone's lives at his concerts by performing with just himself and a damn loop pedal.

Greg Williams

And tonight at the Grammys, Ed Sheeran took the stage as his very own one-man band to remind the world just how insanely talented he is.

Ed Sheeran performing "Shape of You" at the #GRAMMYs

Naturally, he fucking killed it. And fans had a lot to say about it.

Ed Sheeran performing "Shape of You" at the #GRAMMYs (pt. 2)

They were mesmerized:

name a more iconic duo than @edsheeran and his loop pedal I'll wait #GRAMMYs

Ed Sheeran is amazing. He should cut himself a check for every part he played. So talented.

I can't even pat my head & rub my belly at the same time while @edsheeran is over there doing a whole fucking song with NO help. #GRAMMYs

Ed Sheeran, a strong independent red head who don't need no band #GRAMMYs

They were appreciative:

so.. is anyone going to appreciate how iconic and talented ed sheeran is

Ed Sheeran is such a good performer honestly kudos to me for living during his reign

My appreciation for @edsheeran just sky rocketed after his performance at The #GRAMMYs. Couldn't believe he played all that without a band!

They were in awe of his talent:

He just treated the stage like a studio. I love it. I love you @edsheeran

Ed Sheeran just gave you him and his guitar which sounded like an 8 piece band. Don't compare where you don't compete! #GRAMMYs

Your talent has no words, you save 2017 love you till the end @edsheeran

Ed Sheeran could punch me in the face and I'd prob just say thanks and hope I caught some of his talent. #GRAMMYs

And mostly, they became overwhelmed with emotion:

Ed Sheeran's performance got me like

Me after watching @edsheeran #sogood #GRAMMYs

my entire life is over because of ed sheeran's #GRAMMYs performance and im totally okay with that

Like I've been saying since 2014, Ed Sheeran is the Goat.

We are truly not worthy.

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