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24 Ed Sheeran GIFs That'll Melt Your Heart Into A Million Little Pieces

In honor of the swoon-worthy singer's 24th birthday.

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1. When he was the cutest damn dad you've ever seen:

2. When he actually had the greatest view point on life:

3. When he sweetly cuddled up to a stuffed animal and all you wanted to do was be a part of that special moment:

4. When he made you realize that truly being yourself is everything:

5. When he nuzzled up to a cat and your heart started weeping:

6. When he had the world's most perfect date idea:

7. When he looked like the happiest kid alive drinkin' a beer with his bro:

8. When he admitted he wasn't immune to Noah & Allie's emotional journey:

9. When he was a pure ray of sunshine:

10. When he kept it real like the adorable, humble man that he is:

11. When his modesty made your knees weak:


12. When he was the actual definition of a wonderful human being:

13. When his talents made you swoon:

14. When he nervously fumbled with his lips:

15. When he sweetly sang his love song to a cat:

16. When he licked his lips and the whole world stood still for a little while:

17. When you never wanted to join a sofa-cuddle-sesh more in your whole damn life:

18. When you realized he wrote this beautiful love song for his girlfriend and you died a little inside:

19. When he was just really happy to be here:

20. When he said the truest words that have ever been spoken:

21. When he made this majestical little gesture:

22. When he and Harry Styles were the British boy-date of your dreams:

23. When he rocked the sassiest pair of shades:

24. But mostly, every single time he sang a love song lyric and you felt it deep within your heart:

Because he can capture a beautiful moment with words like no other.



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