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What's Your Dream Date With One Direction?

Ice skating with Harry Styles or a fancy dinner with Zayn Malik? There really isn't a wrong answer here.

One Direction's new video for "Night Changes" is pretty much every Directioner's wildest dream. The entire video is just a sneak peek at what it's like to date every member of One Direction — which is obviously as close to perfection as you can possibly get.

But if you actually had the chance to go on one of these dates with your favorite 1D dude, who would you pick?!?!?

  1. Which date would you rather go on?

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Which date would you rather go on?
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    Ice skating with Harry Styles
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    A fun night at the fair with Liam Payne
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    A fancy dinner date with Zayn Malik
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    A beautiful, scenic drive with Louis Tomlinson
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    A cozy night in with Niall Horan

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