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16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Dylan Sprouse roasted his brother, Hugh Jackman flew Wolverine Airlines, and more!

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1. Lorde fell in love.

all jokes aside i would ask this out on a date

2. Issa Rae gifted us with a brilliant pick up line.

I think I found my new pick up line: "Hey, I'm Trash. You wanna take me out?" BRB

3. Michael Clifford had some GOT jokes.

4. Bette Midler found her new favorite meme.


5. John Mayer had some delivery questions.

I've never seen the FedEx and UPS guys deliver at the same time. Never even seen em together, come to think of it. Pics please. #FedUP

6. Cole Sprouse roasted his brother.

Hey can you return my fucking t-shirts too?

7. Hugh Jackman found his new favorite airline.

8. Ryan Seacrest had an existential crisis.


9. Debby Ryan fangirled over Barb.

I'm shaken. Sing often pls

10. Hailee Steinfeld asked the important questions.

Question of the day: How can I become like not tired???

11. Skylar Astin had food regret.

*orders salad *comes with pretzel roll *inhales pretzel roll *could've just gotten that sandwich #relatable

12. Chrissy Teigen was persistent.

Today marks 3 years I have hit "remind me tomorrow" on my apple update or have completely lost my computer


13. Zara Larsson made us all have a meltdown.

Wait there's 5 months left till 2018 I swear I just celebrated New Years WHAT THE FUCK

14. Trey Songz had an important question.

How many y'all got house phones? Curious

15. Carrie Underwood took a goat selfie.

16. And Niall Horan thought of his BFF Louis Tomlinson.

Hahaha @Louis_Tomlinson is going to love this