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16 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Here's everything you missed this week!

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1. Harry Styles officially announced his first single thus immediately making the world faint in unison.

2. Kerry Washington showed off this behind-the-scenes Scandal snap.

Taking a picture of them taking a picture of me. #scandal

3. Reese Witherspoon went on a vacation that I'm very jealous of.

#VacationMode 😎🌴 Leave a message at the beep ...

4. Demi Lovato shared these important words of wisdom.

You are more important than what you look like. You are not an object, you are a PERSON who deserves to be healthy, happy and loved.

5. Constance Zimmer was back on set of UnReal.

The sun has come out in #vancouver and we couldn't be happier! #Quinchel #UnREALtv

6. Zara Larsson shared this, um, relatable predicament.

When he comes back from the shower and his phone is locked for 832837382838483 years

7. Blake Shelton apparently died.

8. Seth Rogen discovered some stealth Sausage Party promo.

Our newest Sausage Party marketing campaign was expensive, but I think it'll be worth it in the long run.

9. Rebel Wilson hung out with her Pitch Perfect 3 fam.

Pitch Perfect family living at @chrissiefit birthday yesterday!

10. Gina Rodriguez got to kiss this insanely adorable pupper.

11. Chrissy Teigen called out John Legend.

12. Lin-Manuel Miranda had a lot of Gilmore Girls feelings.

The thought of Tiny Connecticut Rory at Port Authority stresses me out.

13. Michael Clifford fanned out over Panic at the Disco!

I definitely panicked at the disco tonight

14. Dylan Sprouse went to a very ideal party.

.@HVRanch invited me to a ranch and pizza party and I went of course follow your fuckin dreams never let people tel…

15. Viola Davis shared some motivating words.

16. And Ellen DeGeneres aka Dory was finally found.

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