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    Posted on Dec 22, 2017

    15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Khloé Kardashian announced her pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen needed witchcraft, and more!

    1. Rachel Bloom created everyone's dream home.

    Well, we did it. We put a ball pit in our house.

    2. Sterling K. Brown wished Sarah Paulson a happy birthday.

    Happy Birthday to my partner in prosecution, @MsSarahPaulson Miss you, Boo Boo! Keep kicking a** and taking names!…

    3. SZA was feelin' mercury retrograde.

    Lol retrograde really tried to square up w me that’s crazy

    4. Khloé Kardashian announced her pregnancy.

    I still can't believe it 🤰🏼❤️

    5. John Mayer was relatable.

    Come on. Admit it. You were doing some online Christmas present shopping and you bought some frivolous shit for you…

    6. John Boyega felt the Finn love.

    7. Zach Braff had a message for some friends.

    Dear Aliens, Now is not the best time for a visit.

    8. Lin-Manuel Miranda felt the force.

    Hard to escape Star Wars today 🤣 Just got this text

    9. Chrissy Teigen needed some witchcraft.

    I love being pregnant. I like it more than not being pregnant. But the headaches, my god the headaches. Someone...p…

    10. Missy Elliott wrote a love note to Janet Jackson.

    .@JanetJackson u have always answered when I called u have listen to me vent & been there for me all these years I…

    11. Mara Wilson played some games.

    ME: I know a good amount of things CROSSWORD PUZZLES: lol

    12. Reese Witherspoon shared a holiday version of the bend-and-snap.

    Let’s call this the candy cane shuffle. #BendNoSnap 😂 #TisTheSeasonToVolumize (Love this #IllustratedGIF by…

    13. Cynthia Nixon joined Twitter.

    Hey everybody. It took me a long time to get on @twitter but I'm finally HERE!

    14. Gabby Sidibe was betrayed.

    Ugh. I dreamt that I was back with and in love with a terrible ex and now I feel betrayed by my own brain.

    15. And Neil Patrick Harris went to Disney World.

    My view as narrator of the Candlelight Processional at #Epcot. I’m the dude at the bottom, trying to get everyone i…

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