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    Posted on Oct 27, 2017

    14 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    Hugh Jackman found his Halloween costume, Ciara and Russell Wilson had date night, and more!

    1. Bette Midler had some thoughts about Winifred Sanderson.

    I hated that Hocus Pocus wig at the time, but after staring at Trump's hair for 18 months, it honestly looks not that bad.

    2. Seth Rogen had some questions about his parents' popcorn habits.

    3. John Mayer didn't get a text back.

    Shout out to people who text you and apparently throw their phone into a river as soon as they hit send?

    4. Lili Reinhart came up with a brilliant business idea.

    Would it be inappropriate to go to a massage place and just ask for a 60 minute back scratch instead?

    5. Hugh Jackman found his Halloween costume for this year.

    Just maybe I will finally wear blue and yellow spandex for my #halloweencostume #tootall

    6. Anna Camp lived her best fall life.

    Dark Beer. Dark Skies. Bright Thoughts. Fall in the village never tasted so good 🍺

    7. Chrissy Teigen got some help from her assistant.

    What is it like being an assistant in Hollywood, you ask?

    8. Dua Lipa turned into Wonder Woman.

    2 cups of green tea and a cup of coffee and I feel like I could pick this car up and throw it across the street. Ready for the day I think.

    9. Julia Louis-Dreyfus fangirled over the Broad City girls.

    10. Ciara and Russell Wilson had a cute AF date night.

    My baby brought Chef Arcy from our favorite Umi Sushi restaurant to teach us how to make our own Sushi!…

    11. Zara Larsson failed at laser tag.

    I played laser tag today and I thought I was gonna kill it, I even named my self James Bond but I got -1500 points. I came last HAHAHA FUCKK

    12. Lin-Manuel Miranda gifted us with a cold weather playlist.

    Good morning! Had an hour in the car and I made you this. It's cold out, wear this. ❤️you.

    13. Paris Hilton wrapped herself up in a bow.

    When you ask bae what they want for Christmas & they start to list things but you’re the only present they need...

    14. And Jamie Campbell Bower made it official.

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